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Human Resource Training in KFC

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Kentucky Fried Chicken could be considered a global organization because from the point of global perspective, it is defined as having built productive cross-cultural teams that maximizes effectiveness of existing training, increases retention, and adapts to any culture, anywhere in the world (globalperspective. info). Kentucky Fried Chicken culture believes in effective operation centered on quality customer service despite differences of culture or language. The principle established by the founder of the fast food remains the significant factor in the success of the restaurant.

Expatriate policy of KFC Company KFC Company employs the expatriate policy as one of their strategy in order to establish restaurants that are suited to the culture of a given country because the expatriate’s familiarity with the culture is seen as an advantage to penetrate the country more effectively. Briscoe and Schuler (2004) cited that KFC employed a first generation Chinese American to return to China to establish its chicken restaurants (p. 219). As part of KFC policy employees undergo several trainings at different levels before they get promotion.

In the same way, the general managers they employ on their branches must have acquired appropriate training and experience from the company. Likewise, all franchisers as part of the agreement have to undertake courses at Yum! University to obtain familiarity with the culture of the Kentucky. In this way, both emigrants and immigrants will have the opportunity to incorporate the culture of KFC and their own culture to suit to the taste of their clientele. Training and Orientation of the Company Christ Mendel, director of global risk management of Tricon Global Restaurant (an arm of Yum! Brand) stated that the company focuses on training and education for all their employees and managers for their 30,000 restaurants in ninety countries (cited in Morris). He further explains that the company has developed substantial training programs for all front line people. The training according to him has been integrated into the company’s broader management trainings that deal with issues as sexual harassment, hiring and firing practices, interpersonal relationships, and conflict resolution.

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Largely, the training practices as he further described are on a global basis with the assumption that “people need to treat people with respect” (Morris). The training employed for both franchise and non-franchise managers are on the same basis that everyone is required to attend trainings held at the company’s headquarter at Louisville. Likewise, these front line people will take the responsibility in providing trainings for their employees using training manuals and product guides. In that way, the top management is assured that the KFC culture penetrates another culture effectively.

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