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Human resource team

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Performance examination will be done through interview, which consists of two parts: the initial interview with the Human Resource Manager and panel interview to be conducted with the supervisor and members of the team, although, some may require the presence of the CEO. The panel interview will be conducted after the certification list is issued by the HR manager. The initial interview will be done by means of phone interview. It may seem informal but this method initially can help measure the communication skill of the person especially in handling online transaction.

During phone interview, the interviewer can discuss some matters prior to the meeting such as the position being applied for, any career information, and many others. Nash and Nash pointed out that telephone interview is a tool in recruitment and selection process that narrows down the pool of candidates and determine further interest from the candidate” (p. 67). Certification List Certification list contains the list of eligible candidates for further consideration. All candidates in the certification list will be subject for final interview to determine the qualification for the position.

Panel interview allows the interviewers determine the candidate’s suitability for the position specifically the communication level and skills of the applicant using tricky and objective questions. This could also helpful in determining how the applicant manages to handle pressures. On the part of the candidate, it is the best opportunity for him to compete fairly for the vacant position. According to Nash “when considering hiring people in roles where they need functional knowledge and interpersonal skills, it is better to hire the interpersonal skills and train the technical side rather than vice versa” (p. 59).

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Human resource team

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During interview, the interviewer has to use behavioral interviewing techniques to probe on the person’s behavioral responses on situations with clear understanding of the organization’s goal and objective. Evaluating the Applicant After all necessary steps have been done; one has to evaluate the candidates based on the checklist as follows: communication, customer orientation, initiative, listening, organization skills, team player, and accountability. Each criterion has to be rated one to ten, being ten as the poor and one as excellent.

The process of recruitment and assessment as described above is designed to choose among the pile of applicants the best to fill the vacant position. The stages of recruitment and selection process guarantee reliability and validity of the criteria being identified in view of fairness, integrity, and diversity regardless of race, sex, and religion. It is likewise to suggest to give human resource team enough training to conduct this.


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