Is the human race on a collision course for its own destruction?

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Before I begin I feel that I need to express a point. The point I must make is that this is my opinion about this chosen topic and I hope it will be read with a open mind and not cast down before it has been finished.

What I would like to discuss in written form is 'Is the human race on a collision course for its own destruction' which needs no further addressment by myself but I feel the need to express a point or two.

Human life has existed on this planet for a relatively short amount of time considering the age of the planet upon which we inhabit. We have evolved on Earth from a simple 'goo' that has been dubbed 'primordial soup' by those ever clever scientists.

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This fact maybe false by religious standards but it is the most likely solution to the problem of how we came to be. For Christian people we were came to be by an omnipotent being that took out the time to create two people, Adam and Eve, and I think that this is a good example of peoples delusions of supremacy.

For thousands of years now man and woman have played an overwhelming part in the development of this planet usually with the misconception that Earth is theirs and theirs alone and everything else is just here for are needs. We have destroyed landscape to accommodate our needs of hoes, farmland and entertainment. This is normally done with little regard for the previous inhabitants be they man or beast, especially concerning the treatment of native Indians on what is now American soil. All this is done for 'progress', the usual excuse so that the superior people can beat on the weak.

The advancement in technology is aided by the legions of great scientific minds which always seem to be controlled by some military power somewhere in the shadows watching, with interest what it is that is created next. As soon as a more advanced technology is developed it is used to show strength over neighbouring countries be they friend or foe.

One of the biggest problems is that all this technology can and probably be used to destroy each other as long as they are continually brought under the control of power mongers such as governments run by politicians.

To think that our own destruction is a certainty is an incorrect opinion to have, there are many variables that could change any future timeline, so who knows what the future will hold for us.

There is always the chance for reformation where humanity will realise that they are in control of their fate and don't have to conform to human natures tendency to try and destroy itself.

For those whoa re fans of science fiction it may be apparent that Earth is either depicted as a world in trouble, with a large population and lots of pollution like in such movies as Blade Runner and others. The other side of this point is seen in such programs as Star Trek where humanity has been united with the thought that they are not alone in the universe. The program depicts a highly advanced culture that has broke free from the corruptive shekels of money and governmental rule.

When people realise that there is only one race on Earth and that is the Human Race then they will be able to get along better. Money also presents a problem, that's not to say it should be abolished and communism should take president because it has been shown time and time again that it cannot work in today's world.

I think the best thing to do is carry on with existence doing the best you can to make life just a bit easier for yourself and others around. If you can do that I am confident that everything will fall into place and sort itself out.

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