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Human and Nature

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This paper is about nature where I have used different metaphor to define different natural thing and a poem at the end. A metaphor is like a simile because it is a comparison that is made between things. However, the explicit use of the word 'like' or 'as' which you see in a simile, is not used in a metaphor which is rather a comparison of two unlike things using the verb "to be". Hence, a metaphor sounds more forceful and suggestive, but is still very common in speech.

Nature is the beautiful world around us apart from human made phenomena. Nature is beyond the human imagination, every creature has it’s own behavior and responsibility towards nature. We humans think ourselves most superior creature but we are the one not being responsible towards the nature. Nature has such power that we forget our sorrow when we are in it’s lap. “Nature is wisdom”, it has such a large creation that no human can ever think of it.

I think Real wisdom lies or exists within the greenery of Nature. Nature consist of galaxies, solar systems, planets, vegetation, including plants, grass and trees, Fowls, including birds, chickens and peafowl’s, Animals, including man the masterpiece of Creation nature's brainchild and other mammals, both on land and in the sea, Insects, reptiles, fish, bees and a host of other named and unnamed, known and unknown, species. The beauty of Nature is for all to see.

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The music of Nature an amazing thing where birds chirp and sing, soft sky has no end it’s like endless tunnel to nowhere, flowers are nature's makeup, thunder is the anger of clouds, volcano is the earth getting angry, mist is floating tear drops, rising sun is the wakeup call where as sunset is bedtime for all, stars are peek holes to heaven, moon is the flash light of god, snow is the cloud's dandruff , trees are apartment buildings for bugs, wind is nature’s breath. I think nature is really great. Nature is smile on our face.

Nature has such a power that brings smile in our face. Even in this age of high technology, where many people who live in cities and work full time with computers are still aware of weather and the seasons. We all know that the short, rainy winter days is less pleasant than a warm sunny June day. Most of us cheered at the return of spring, and we mostly have certain pleasant or striking memories we associate with each season. But nature has lots of things beyond seasons which can really pleasant our life and make lots of beautiful memories.

Nature is mother she feeds us like a child. We all know that basic things that keep us alive come from nature. But we are so selfish that we think of ourselves rather than thinking of nature. We just take from nature and never think of returning. Humans are greedy beast . We are busy fulfilling our desire rather than remembering our responsibility. We think that we are in the industrialized world and there is nothing that human being cannot achieve nowadays we have been to the moon, and have invented the Internet.

Mesmerized by these fascinating achievements, there is one thing that people should not forget: what we depend on. How long would we be able to live without nature and without technological advancement? We had been living without technology for thousand of year but without nature we have not spend a single moment. Even if we destroy us, plus most of other life form, there will still be nature. The soil, ocean, atmosphere and weather would still interact with solar power to allow some life to exist. Earth cannot be a barren place like the moon with any life.

Nature is life. Thus we have to be aware of nature and raise our voice to save nature. Nature Nature is our mother she feeds us like a child. All creatures are our siblings so let’s keep them alive. Flower and plants are her makeup that keeps her like a bride Do plantation to keep the bride pride. Wind is her breath that keeps us alive Say no to pollution to have a healthy life.

Rivers are blood in her vein Never put harmful chemical that makes her pain. Today everything seem to be modern and computerized But actual thing is that nature is our life Nature is our mother; Nature is our life, Save the nature, and save your life. Reference:- http://www. saidwhatguides. co. uk/metaphors. php http://www. pandorascollective. com/naturemetaphors. html Number of words: 751 Paragraphs: 5

Human and Nature essay

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