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How Volleyball is Similar With Life

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Those paragraphs you will read is about explain how are volleyball is almost similar with life. It will include, blocking, how can you get blocked and face them. Also will include your emoting, excitement and frustrating, one feeling in same situation and both feelings in one situation. Also when ball hit in your face, you just got slammed down, you would have the choices.

When you are in the game, you were about to hit, but another player blocked your hitting, this applies to life, when you about to reach your goals, and someone show up and blocked your ways of reaching. In the game you have to play smart and avoid the blockers. In the life you have to play smart too, to find a way to get behind the blockers.

The emotions in the games and life are similar. When you got aced on your serving you get excitement feelings, just like when you aced on your test. You get frustrating and struggling in volleyball games and in life too. When you get so frustrating in game but you sometime will get good results, like won a game against tough team. This applies to life too, when you are frustrating with something, but when you complete them you will feel so good about yourself.

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You sometime will get hit in the face; it might be ball, or the situations. Life is not predication you should always expecting for the unexpected. In volleyball games, you have to expect the ball is coming toward to you. In life you always expecting for the results that may slam in your face. When they do, you have the choice to get up and face them or you can just backing out and let them win.

Now you can see how volleyball and life s similar. You should always expecting for 2 things, getting blocked and hit in the face. You also should always prepare for the emotions, and the situations you will face, when you got though them, you are all good to go!

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