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How to get the message out to all employees

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Seminars should be held to improve awareness on ethical conduct which should be attended by all employees. Meaningful conduct should be developed which is observed by the whole organization. The employee should be informed that the code came from highest level and they should comply with it. The employees should be trained on how to always adhere to the code. 5. How l would go about setting a career development program in my company Knowing what I can and cannot do is very important in order to understand the flexibility of human resource.

This should be given the first priority before anything else is done. Model of integrated job is created which integrates the titles of jobs with salaries and skills required and review of the process annually to know its performance. Publicity campaign is launched and effective communication plan which is timely is availed. Leaders are promoted carefully basing on how they can deal with tougher situations and how they can motivate teammates. Business training is incorporated for IT people to understand the whole business in terms of marketing, budgeting and chains of supply.

Employees are offered with cross training to enrich their job opportunities when they go back to do their routine duties. Elements my plan would include The expectation of promotion by managers and the organization The responsibility that career development program has and how line managers should offer career guidance and a highlight of its effects on individual motivation and organizational effectiveness (www. 4ulr. com) Consider its impact on developers of the organization and the specialists of managing the career and role played by government agencies.

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The level of initiatives to this issue should be considered. The eligibility requirements To know whether an individual is eligible for career development grants, consider the citizenship, whether he has a Degree which entails the level of education, when to receive the last degree, duration taken for the course, relationship of the course work to the professional development. What the career development program is expected to do It should improve both the adermic level of students and vocational skills It should help to accomplish the objectives set by the advisory of career development

It should improve the knowledge in the use of the available technology It should set a role model and create a career counselor 6. How to set up an employee appraisal/evaluation system that is fair and objective for all employees The employee should be assessed in order to now how he or she does his work. Promote employee on the basis of merit depending on how effective they are in their duties. All eligible employees should be trained to improve their performance. All candidates interested in the appraisal should be assessed.

Do selection fairly without discrimination and review the selection regularly. (argues Skordoulis and Dawson, 2001) How to develop the process of evaluation and appraisal with a goal structure focused on improving employee performance There should be performance development and improvement to ensure that the level of performance is very high by all the employees. Train the employees on how to do their duties well in order to improve quality and increase productivity. Do cross training to the serving employees to improve their performance and reduce employee turnover.

The challenging assignments given should always 360 degrees feedback and also ensure there is regular performance feedback. 7. How to evaluate different jobs and the specific tasks they represent In cockpit, training improves coordination and passing of nformation ith emphasis to skills of coordination. Composite indices demonstrate great validity which include index that is derived. Schematic jobs stimulates before generating respective stimuli. Jobs that are candidates for flexible work schedules and environments This includes shared jobs which have alternate starting and ending time.

Compressed work where an employee can finish a whole week work within four ten hour day instead of working for a whole week. Telecommuting allows employees to work from location rather than from the main work station. How to determine which jobs could be outsourced If the wage paid on the job will be low if it is outsourced Job can be outsourced to escape from paying high tax to be government If the government regulations become a burden to the industry, it can outsource its jobs If employees resist performing the task, the industry can outsource it or outsourcing due to necessity.

Process of determining the above Define the characteristics of the business processes. Determine how ready the business index is basing on characteristics of the business processes. Rank the business processes basing on the index readiness for the processes of business. The basis for making such decisions Due to increase in product availability, the industry can outsource it to other countries where the demand is high and availability is low. The industry may need to gain competitive advantage by making sure the product is available everywhere to increase sales.

Due to the rise in living standards of a given locality, outsourcing leads to high profits because the product will be sold at higher price. 8. Steps taken to make the workplace a happier work environment for the employees Determine rewards that are valued by individual employee. Determine the desired performance Set performance level that is attainable All the rewards should be linked to performance Know the factors that are likely to counteract how effective the reward is and make sure the rewards given are adequate

Specific things that I would change and how to create linkages to the work place modifications Wages would be increased to ensure that employees are motivated to work harder. Salaries should be raised on yearly basis to ensure that the employees turn over is reduced and to retain the experienced employees who are highly productive. Benefits will be given to employee based on their performance with no discrimination or favourism to improve their morale to do work. Alternative work schedules will be established to ensure that there is a room for employees to have off days when they alternate duties.

The environment will be free from pollution from noise, sewage waste and smoke. (Skordoulis, Dawson)


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