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How many jelly beans are in a jar

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Setting up the paradigm. How do we know there is a God? If anything exists there is a God because you cannot create something from nothing. There had to be an initial force to set the universe into motion. Einstein refers to this force as "the cosmological constant". This constant corrected Einstein theory of relativity to explain the movement of the universe. Originally Einstein believed that the universe was static even though his mathematical theories suggested otherwise. It was not until another mathematician

Friedman, solved Einsteinium's equation of general relativity using the cosmological constant. Einstein referred to this mistake as being the "biggest blunder" of his life. As a human how would I recognize God even if he came and revealed himself to me. For all I know the other worldly being could be Satan. (He is described in the bible as being a beautiful angel) If I could not even recognize God in his presence what hope do I have of finding any direction In life. How do we know what is important. Ask enough people. (Belief in a meaning of life)How do we know that we are good.

If being good is so important how do we define "good". (So we know what it Is that we are trying to do) Being good. How can you remove evil without being evil yourself. The importance of evil and good existing at the same time. (Creates the great struggle) The misconception of trying to "faith" our way Into heaven. (Why Baptists and Big Bang Atheists are essentially the same) Why should the meaning of life be so hard to find that we have to use faith to explain It. Association between wealth and power. Wealth allows you to have power over another mans will.

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How many jelly beans are in a jar

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Any time you arches something with money you are taking something that many people want and deciding that you deserve It for yourself. Wealth allows you to take a larger share for yourself. (Jesus and the rich man) God exists In the "permanent state of being" (a state of being outside of time where no change occurs), In this realm of existence evil has been abolished by God. So In order to enter this state we also must be free of the evil within ourselves. God Is a being outside of time and Is the perfect embodiment of good. For everything to be good In God's state of being that means evil has to be removed. It Is a requirement.

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