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Hotel Housekeeping

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Housekeeping management at an independent resort or a vacation rental management company can like herding cats. At times, it may turn out to be a chaotic operation which does not have control and communication. One needs an ideal solution for transforming such disorderly housekeeping operation to a clean orderly machine which communicates, automates and reports like never before. The NAVIS Housekeeping Management System (HMS) offers this solution.

When connected to NAVIS HMS those old days of calling housekeeper so that they can come and check on your property’s status are gone. You will have a chance to instantly track when the cleaning process has started, when the housekeeper completes the process. This is done through activation of a sophisticated system of reports and notifications which is done automatically. (Smart Solutions, 2008)

Automatic Notifications

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Immediately when the housekeeper enters the property, all that he/she needs to do is to pick up the telephone, dial a certain number and then enter a specific code through the keypad. When this is done, it automatically alerts the front desk; through a web-based screen which indicates that the cleaning process has began. When the process is complete, the same housekeeper enters another code on the same keypad which updates the status screen for the property as “clean”. (Smart Solutions, 2008)

This housekeeping Management System happens to be a wonderful tracking system. It is helpful as it saves the property managers from the tedious work of using the 2-way radio which happens to be very chaotic especially for those property managers who have a lot of property to manage. (Smart Solutions, 2008)


When this notification is sent, other notifications are automatically activated. The house inspector may be automatically notified through their cell phone, pagers or fax that the property is ready for inspection. In addition, the guest can be automatically notified that the property is clean and ready for occupancy. This way, if a certain guest arrives early and happens to be unable to check into the property, all that is required is to enter their phone number in NAVIS HMS and then they will be automatically and also instantly notified through their phones with a pre-recorded short message as soon as the property is clean. This saves their time and they are able to go shopping or look for something to eat rather than check for the property. If you use this technology, your guests’ satisfaction will increase as they will be impressed with your efficient communication technology. (Smart Solutions, 2008)

Accounting Reports

This system also offers reports to the accounting people and they will love it. The reason is that they will be able to accurately track the exact time that each housekeeper spend or took to clean each property. This way, they will not have to guess on the amount that the housekeeper will be paid. In addition, the housekeeping manager will be able to determine the average time that is required to clean a certain property compared to the other for instant; the housekeeping manager will be able to determine the time that it would take to clean a three bedroom unit as compared to a five bedroom unit. This in return makes the staffing easier and also creates a room for a more efficient scheduling. (Smart Solutions, 2008) Read also introduction for online reservation system

Navis Hms Turns Chaos Into Control

I believe that we are currently living in a technology world and the same technology offers a solution to most of the problems that we currently have. This article is about a company by the name NAVIS HMS which is offering a technological solution to the problems that majority of the property managers face especially if they have hundreds of properties to manage. Even though the article may be said to be a marketing article which is marketing the company, it may be said to offer solutions to some of the most crucial areas in the property management. The company does the tedious jobs that use majority of the property management firm’s time using technology thereby realizing effective and reliable results. (Schneider, M. et al, 1998)

The company offers a solution to the daily work of the property management firms; which is managing these properties which among the things that they do is cleaning and alerting the clients of the progress on the properties. Using technology, the company makes the work of the property managers easier, less tedious and less chaotic. It also lowers their expenses that were otherwise used on the same services. (Casado, 1999)

I may say that in this case, technology has eased the management processes in the property management firms. They make their work more effective and also make their office work easier by providing up to date information about their property. They also provide accurate information to the firms thereby making them be able to manage their times and resources well. In this article, there is a clear demonstration that technology has been integrated in the housekeeping department in its management and also in the way it operates in its daily work.


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