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Homeless Bedford Reader

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Joseph Papalexandrou The essay I am analyzing is homeless written by Anna Quindlen. The essay can be found in The Bedford Reader 10th edition. My curiosity it what brought me to this essay. The topic I am writing about is homeless citizens. What interests me about homeless people is that it never seems to bother them where there living. What also gave me interest is how do homeless people feed themselves with no money?

I always wonder why homeless people don’t look for money on the streets and save what they find buys a pair of clothes and go for a job interview at McDonalds. The overall message in this essay is that people make what they have home. If it’s living in a box or on the street they will always call that place home. It doesn’t matter what you have but how you feel about what you have. If you’re ok with where you call home then that fine. The real message in this essay is that not all people depend on items or things they have to make them happy.

The overall tone in this essay is subjective and personal. Anna is trying to do a story on homeless people, and she found women called Ann on the back of a bus. Quindlen tries to get some information out of the women at the back of the bus and she is having a hard time doing so. In the story Quindlen goes back and forth with how she doesn’t see the big picture in things. But she does bring up some personal information. There are no images in this essay although there the Quindlen likes to make a lot of understatements.

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She says that it’s not where you live or how big it is but that it’s the place you call home. So basically living in a box you can call home and it doesn’t matter because it’s your home. That is a very big understatement. A lot of people like stability to be able to feed themselves everyday and be clean. The details and evidence that I found to support the main message in this story was when quindlen wrote “They are not the homeless.

They are people with no home. (Quindlen 200) That pretty much gives me the feeling that she is saying that there is no right to look down on someone because they have no home and that it gives us no right to call someone homeless. In this essay there are logos & pathos. In the essay Quindlen started to do to a report on homeless people and she even mentioned that she never seen the big picture up until she met Ann on the back of the bus. Quindlen started to no longer call homeless people homeless she instead refers them to people without a home.

Homeless Bedford Reader essay

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