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High Expectations

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Failure is a stepping block to accomplishment. You have to try your hardest and fail sometimes to know how to succeed in your task the next time. There are many high school students that underestimate their abilities so they don’t try their best. Those that have high expectations achieve more because they try till they reach their goal. People that expect more of themselves achieve more than others with low expectations. In the books, The Lords of Discipline and My Sister’s Keeper, both show characters with high standards.

There are people that achieve a lot more than people would expect them to. Tradd, a character in the book, The Lords of Discipline, had goals for himself that he was able to reach because he had high expectations with those goals. No one expected him to succeed because that’s not the type of person he presented himself to be. But because people didn’t expect it from him, he had high expectations to graduate from the military academy.With those high expectations came many obstacles that caused him to fail many times but to keep trying during his plebe year. Tradd was able to eventually graduate the military academy with the ring and made his father proud. Tradd St.

Croix expected more of him than others and was able to achieve great accomplishments. Many people that are overcome with diseases and sickness usually underestimate their abilities but those that have high standards are successful.In the book and movie, My Sister’s Keeper, Kate, who is dying from leukemia, had high expectations when meeting a boy. She wanted a boy that would accept her for her conditions and the way she looked and also help her through her leukemia. When she found that boy, she was successful in a relationship because she found a person that was going through her same hardships. He helped her to be happy and to live life with the days she has left and even after his death, she knew how to stay strong and accept her cancer.Kate set high standards for a guy and she was able to have a great achievement that gave her the experience of a guy that taught her to stay strong throughout her obstacles.

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If more people trust in their abilities, they will be able to have greater accomplishments. Tradd didn’t look like a person to have great abilities but he set his standard bars high and achieved great things. Kate was able to have high standards for boys and successfully met one that changed her life for the better. Have high expectations for yourself and you will soon see your hard work end in great achievements.

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