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Hi About That

Katienagler Just another WordPress. com site Home About Introduction MAR 21 Mike Rose Annotated Bib and Summary Posted on March 21, 2012 by naglerk11 Standard Rose, Mike. “Rigid Rules, Inflexible Plans, and the Stifling of Language: A Cognitivist Analysis of Writer’s Block. ” College Composition and Communication 31. 4 (1980): 389-401. Print. Mike Rose brings all the chapters of this book together by not just researching how writers write, produce, plan, revise, etc.

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; but instead he is asking what physically and mentally keeps a writer for be unable to write the next sentence.

He said that the “writer’s block” could be due to “anxiety, fear of evaluation, insecurity, etc. ; he decided to dig deeper and come up with the best reasoning. He came to find out that the five sstudents he studied who experienced writer’s block were all using rules and/or planning strategies that had been embedded into their heads that may not be compatible with their composing process, therefore hindering their writing rather than improving it. This relates to my question because there really are aspects to writing that we have been told are helpful but may actually keep us from excelling.

Rose states that sometimes less is more. Sstudents who did not experience blocking had an outline, but they were very vague. They were each open to change tthroughout their composing process, unlike the five other sstudents. Berkenkotter, Carol. “Decisions and Revisions: The Planning Strategies of a Publishing Writer. ” College Composition and Communication 34. 2 (1983): 156-69. Print. Berkenkotter mainly focused on the writer’s planning, revising, and editing approaches. She wanted to see how much time sstudents spent on each of these procedures of writing.

She wished to learn about the different planning and revising strategies of a good writer in order to correlate this with what we already hold to be true of how a skilled writer plans and revises. She believes that it is important for us to “pay close attention to the setting in which the writer composes, the kind of task the writer confronts, and what the writer can tell us of his own processes. ” Fitzgerald, Jill. “Research on Revision in Writing. ” Review of Educational Research. 4th ed. Vol. 57. American Educational Research Association. 481-506. Print.

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