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Governtment Money

In each country, government plays important role in developing their lands by improving the roads, the local transports, and the school and so on. To do so government has to spend billions of dollars on each project. In my view I think that government should spend as much as money on the basic requirement on the earth rather than spending lot of money on the outer space.

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First, by increasing the local transport will improve the economics of the country.

Second, by reconsidering the old bridge is the safety for the people life. First, by increasing the number of the local transport will increase the economics of the country by adding the jobs to the people. For example, as I remember, everyday to my work I would drive the car five days a week. I used to spend lot of money on the gas, at the same time; my car produces the carbon mono oxide which is damaging the environment.

If government spends money on adding the local transports like local buses, subways, local trains and so on. People start using these transports eventually save their money, in addition to that government will increases the jobs requirement like maintain ace guys, the engineer, the electrician guy so on. Drastically these while improve the economics of our country, as workers will start paying the tax. As you can see, adding the local transport will increases the jobs and the people start paying the taxes.

Finally, government should focus on the old bridges, which had to be reconstructed. for instance, In Washington, they was a collapse of the bridge on the sikgat river, which caused by the heavy track when hit the bridge the concrete of the bridge was sliced off, which leads to collapse of the bridge, thought they was no life- threatening injuries, but still our government has to reconsider the safety of the people.

As they are some many bridges around the nation, which has to be repaired, for that government has to spend ton of dollars. For this reasons I could say that government should spend money wisely thinking about the safety of the people and preventing this kind of tragedy. In sum, we are the people who elected the government. So government should give first preferences to the basic requirement of the people on the earth, by increasing the local transport and by improving the old bridges which is mandatory.