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This piece compiles my thoughts and insights on the experiences during my internship at Nine J Design. What began as a dream that I had as kid is now on the verge of becoming a reality because of the time that I spent there. I am grateful for this opportunity and will never forget those who were instrumental in making this such a great experience for me, allowing me to learn and to grow as a person. Having grown up with artists as parents, I have always viewed things differently.

Rather than just see an object for what it is, I perceived the aesthetic aspect as well as the functionality aspect of such. This came naturally to me and over time I was able to develop the skills necessary to carry it out. Now, as a student of an interior design program, I have only come to realize the true potential that I have in this field. Wanting to make the most out of this opportunity, I have resolved to apply for the internship at Nine J Design because I felt that this was where I would be able to attain my full potential and begin creating the blueprints for my success in the future.

As a student of interior design, I have always found myself drawn to the practicality of architecture. During my time with the firm (from 5-17 to 7-17), I have had the opportunity to learn up on subjects in the field of interior architecture, such as Building System, Lighting System and the Building Code, as essential elements of interior architecture, are also elements that I feel should play an integral role in interior design.

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It has made me realize that there is a close connection between interior design and fine art that appeals to me as I enjoy fine art background while interior design allows me to marry form and function in creating things that feel useful. My training here taught me that there is a synergy between these two fields and I feel that this is another area where a person with the proper training and expertise can explore the realms of one’s imagination without sacrificing practicality and functionality.

My feel and appreciation for interior design and architecture comes from the perspective that each forms an integral part of the whole, seamless but at the same time discernable to the trained eye. It is in this epiphany that I have come to realize the importance of being an integral part of the Nine J Design family. With the reputation that Nine J Design enjoys as being one of the top interior design firms, I am confident that, if given a chance, my exposure here will open up a world of opportunities, not only professionally but also artistically.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about my experiences here has been how it has influenced my perspective on interior design. I have always seen this not only as a combination of art and technology but an expression of the life and spirit of people. As an artist, who is also an interior designer, my goal is not only to build a space or to create beauty, but also to suggest a meaning. When designing space for people, it must be properly done so that it leads one to the reason behind the space. That is to say, when I design a space, I want it to have meaning.

Although it does not have to make people directly that it has meaning, the design of the form should help them recognize the meaning that was intended. Through my life, I hope to make life in the space more pleasurable and comfortable, as well as to help people figure out where they are. With this as my goal, I see my internship at Nine J Design as that vital cog to the fulfillment of my dream. I am proud of my decision to pursue my internship with this firm; I understand that there are more opportunities for those who receive the extra training necessary to be ahead in today’s competitive world.

I feel that in order for me to gain an advantage in the field of architecture and design, I need to devote more time and energy in learning more about the recent developments in this field. This will enable to pursue my career as a successful interior designer and architect. This is why I believe that Nine J Design has been the best place for me to get my education because it has been said, however, that desire and natural talent are nothing if they cannot be harnessed properly.

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