Essays about Music

Music has been a part of people’s life since ancient times. We live surrounded by music all the time and it’s a comfort, consolation, refuge and mood lifter for almost everyone. But what makes music so special? How can a song make us feel so many things? Is it possible to write about it? Those are a lot of questions and, in this article, we give you the answers.

Importance of music in our life

Human behavior is about communication, and music is an artistic expression that has been part of humanity since the beginning of our time. It is used to express a feeling, mood, idea, emotion or just as entertainment. At first, it probably consisted of sounds and grunts, in time it became chants accompanied with primitive instruments, but now it is much more evolved. We have developed elaborated instruments and studied the science behind composting. Now music is a means of expression with infinite possibilities, complex art that even has music videos to illustrate the lyrics.

The big question is, how is it possible that music has so much effect over people? There are many reasoning, some of them explain the chemical process that music impulse in our body, others talk about the music’s energy and vibrations that affect us. Still, none of them explains why the influence of music is so big. Maybe it’s just part of the natural way, and here is where the real importance of music lies: it is part of the natural human behavior.

To show you the relevance music has in your life we tell you here the benefits from both listening and playing it:
lIt improves your memory skills. Music is made by patterns, by listening to these patterns regularly, you exercise your memory skills.

– Makes workouts and physical activity more effective. It is recommended to listen to some music while working out. Not just as entertainment because listening to music releases hormones that activate the body and blood flow.
– Music can make you happy. And this is not just a placebo effect, it is pure chemistry. When you listen to music, your body produces dopamine, a neurotransmitter that effects make you feel happy, joyful and in love with life.
– It reduces stress. Listening to music is a profound physical experience and it influences your entire body. So, a good record can relax you and ease your anxiety. That is why it’s usually recommended to calm mental patients, people on the spectrum and kids.

How to write an essay on music?

Music is such a personal experience and writing an essay about it can be harsh. To help you we tell you here the steps to write a good essay.

1.Define your topic: do you want to write about a string instrument like a guitar? Maybe something more general, like the influence of music in society. Choose your perspective.
2.Structure your essay: decide if your need a long or short essay and determine how many quotes from how many authors do you need.
3.Start your research: Read as much as you can about your topic and organize the information you collect.
4.Write your essay: First, write a draft, then use it to build a real essay on top of it.

There is no safe path to the perfect essay, but if you follow these steps, you will be on track.

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