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My Progress in Writing

My Progress in Writing As a non-native speaker who immigrated to the U. S. two years ago, English is a big obstacle for me in communication. I have had many difficult times speaking and understanding English when talking to others. Writing an essay was almost …

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Cambridge Syllabus With Qns

There will be no statement specifically asking for examples; it is assumed that they will form a natural part of the response. Some questions will require specific reference to Singapore and Singapore issues. The paper will consist of a mixture of direct questions and statements …

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New Zild – New Zealand English (NZE)

New Zealand English (NZE) which is now known as “New Zild” is an exciting and newfangled language they speak in New Zealand. New Zild is forever evolving-forming new, abbreviated ways of speech. Their shared language – Te Reo/English makes up their unique, lucid dialect, which …

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Politics and the English Language Analysis

“Above all, we cannot play ducks and drakes with a native battery of idioms which prescribes egregious collocations of vocables as the Basic put up with for tolerate, or put at a loss for bewilder . “ This passage is written by Professor Lancelot Hogben(located …

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Mukherjee vs Rodriguez

Mukherjee vs. Rodriguez As of today, The United States accepts more legal immigrants as permanent residents than any other country in the world. The number of immigrants totaled 37. 5 million as of 2006. All of this has to do with Richard Rodriguez and Bharati …

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Contrastive Analysis

Advanced writing April 24, 2009 Contrastive analysis: Prosperity, Decline and new Hopes of revival It should be mentioned that the history of foreign language teaching is so complicated. The complexities are the outcome of the rise of the assumptions of so many theories, approaches, methods …

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How English Language Has Brought Change to Urdu Language

As my group and I interviewed Amjad Islam Amjad we got to know several reasons for the changes that English has brought to the Urdu language over the period of time. The two I will be discussing are:  Differences in schooling.  Government role in making …

English LanguagePakistan
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Global Importance of English

Language plays and important role in human life. Out of all the languages in the world, English is considered as the international language. There are some reasons why English is so important and many people attempt to learn it. I’d like to share the reasons …

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Criteria for Example Essay

The Criteria For A Good Example Essay There are several factors that contribute to good example essay writing. Having excellent grammar, using words correctly, punctuation, and presentation are the biggest points to me. Grammar is important for several reasons. Grammar is what enables us to …

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The Role of English in Our Lives

The role of English in our lives has got much importance. English may be a foreign language, but it is international in its significance. It is taken as a lingua France, the common language , for all parts of the world today. The importance of …

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Varieties of English

Varieties of English, such as Singlish, have an important role to play in contemporary society. Discuss. Different varieties of English, such as the interesting variety used in Singapore, known as ‘Singlish’, have an important role to play in our modern society. Singlish in particular serves …

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Your Students’ English Language Skills

Your Students’ English Language Skills BY gallantly How can improve English As the president of the English Language Society of the school, you wish to improve the students’ standard of English. You want to give a talk to the students on how they can improve …

English Language
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DIDLS Breakdown

Language, and Syntax use diction to find tone. Use imagery, details, language and syntax to support tone. TONE Author’s attitude toward the subject, toward himself, or toward the audience. DICTION Adjectives, nouns, verbs, adverbs, negative words, positive words, synonyms, contrast. Look at the words that …

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History of English Language Persuasive Essay

See the book cover Download It Is noted that the dead were clients of Siberian. The Wastebasket’s has copies of their reports, as well as the statement of Andrei Ballasts that he had agreed to such an exchange, wishing to assist In the Liberation of …

English LanguageHistory
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Phonology and English Classes

The teacher formed a group of the pupils to prepare us in advance for studying English in the fifth form. At that time, I was amazed with it. It was something totally new for me and I felt very proud of being able to say …

English ClassVocabulary
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Why English is important in our life?
English is the language used for international communication. Good command of English is key to gaining more opportunities in life, not only for our career, but also for personal and professional development.
Why is English language important essay?
English is the state language of 53 countries. English is also used by people from around the world as a universal linguafranca (a language they can all understand). The English language can be used to help us communicate on a worldwide level.
What is the importance of English language to students?
English language plays an integral role in our lives. It helps us communicate. It is the universal language that can be used to learn any subject anywhere in the world. English is an essential language for students. It broadens minds, enhances emotional skills, and offers job opportunities.

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