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As general cognition English is of import linguistic communication in our life particularly in Malaysia instruction. In Malaysia pupils learn to listen, talk, read and compose in English. Therefore, the English Reading Corner and Contemporary Literature Programme are implementing in my school, SJKC KUO KUANG, Skudai, Johor. English Reading Corner, a corner in each category, school fix some reading stuffs such as fiction or non-fiction narrative books, lexicon, large books, magazines, newspaper and so on. Students allow to read the reading stuffs while they are free in the category or break clip. Contemporary Literature Programme, a programme under Education Department of our authorities. This is particularly for Year 4 to Year 6 students to read the literature books. The intent of this study is to present two English programme and province out the manner of implementing of the two programmes are keeping in my school.

Contemporary Literature Programme

Purposes and Aims

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There are two purposes of the Contemporary Literature Programme. As First, to assist students better their English through reading simple fiction. Second, to supply a continue for the literature constituent introduced in secondary school.

There are six Numberss of aims of the Contemporary Literature Programme. By the terminal of their primary schooling, students should be able:

  • To transfuse and all the reading wont among students.
  • To enrich students ' vocabulary and linguistic communication content.
  • To heighten students ' thought accomplishments.
  • To advance cultural apprehension in the Malayan context.
  • To better English Language proficiency of students.
  • To develop good imaginativeness.


The Contemporary Literature Programme was carried out whole twelvemonth for pupil twelvemonth 4, 5 and 6. For the teaching period on SJKC, we utilizing 1 English linguistic communication period every two weeks to learn students read their narrative book which is provide.

Target Group

The Contemporary Literature Programme is mark on pupil Year 4, 5 and 6. No affair that they are good pupil or bad pupil they must develop in this programme. This programme precedence for under accomplishing schools and rural schools. The book chosen for each set are 40 % fiction books and 60 % non-fiction books. The full Student's accomplishment will be recorded in Reading cards or books.

Report On Execution

With the implemented of the Contemporary Literature Programme, Our school design the programme based on 3 space. First, the intensive reading programme based on 3 prescribed texts per twelvemonth. Second, Genres consist of short narratives and verse forms. Third, every pupil provide with 3 books, with the premise that a pupil will be able to finish 1 book in 3 months.

In our school we select the books which are suited for our pupil ; we choose the books based on 5 considerations. That is the subjects and rubrics that appeal to 10-12 twelvemonth olds, suited garrison size, and good quality paper. Beside this, taking suited linguistic communication for both rural and urban pupil is of import to increase their involvement. Last, choose the interesting plotline with embedded moral values so that they can go on to read.

This programme is running on schoolroom clip that is structured into 3 phases, which is Pre-reading, While- reading and Post-reading. Because of we be aftering complete 1 book in 3 months so usually we separate it in one phase per month. We design the phase of reading in four instruction program and English instructor must province down all the activity they are be aftering. Teacher ever spend the clip steering with the students either as a whole category or in groups and students are non asked to get down with reading on their ain before they are ready.

Here, I will describe on some activity ever been utilizing by English instructor to success this programme. In Pre-reading phase, Teacher will inquire students present the book screen, title page and besides ISBN page. Discuss artworks on the front screen of the book with students and inquire students to foretell the rubric of the narrative. Then, teacher will inquire students predict plot lines based on the given outline and where the narrative takes topographic point. Following, teacher introduces subjects utilizing object or image stimulations to association of thoughts and questionnaires on subjects in the reader. Besides this, instructor will discourse with students about the background information, such as, the writer 's life, finishing information grid utilizing writer 's life. Last, teacher introduces linguistic communication and vocabulary points before start reading to do them experience comfy when While-reading phase particularly hapless pupil. For illustration, inquire students happen out the hard word or vocabulary they are non understand the significance, so inquire them construct into group and happen out the significance utilizing dictionary by themself.

In the 2nd phase of instruction, it is called that While-reading phase. This phase is of import to assist students understand the book. At the first, students will be given appropriate entry points in the narrative for them to foretell the narrative. Some instructor prefer allow their students speaking about the scene of the narrative and students fix a clip line in group to allow them understand the narrative. Following, instructor besides will inquire students to foretell results, instructor can accept all the reply if it is in the scope of acceptable. Teacher helps pupils to understand the plot line with prepare a narrative map in the group. Then, Teacher and students must speak about the characters in the narrative to place the characters and their features. Besides that, they can speak about the events in the narrative and role-play the events in the narrative and other students inquire to reply some simple inquiries to do certain they understand the events of the narrative. Last, pupils ask to re-tell portion of the narrative in one ' ain word to better their assurance while speaking.

In the last phase, Post-reading activities are carried out after students have read the whole book. It is sound like contemplation. They are to research beyond the text by utilizing the text as a footing. The activity etc. reassign information from the text into a notice, an advertizement or a missive. Teacher will assist students develop their critical and originative thought accomplishments such as ask students talk about one 's favourite event in the narrative. Teacher will be develop pupils composing accomplishments from book reappraisal or do a pagination in group. Besides that, Some instructor like to inquire students do the vocabulary edifice activities to group words harmonizing to classs to assist them maintain in memory.

Strengths and Failings of Programme

The execution of Contemporary Literature Programme was success. The students can read at the terminal of category. However, there were some strength and failings found when transporting out this programme.

Strengths of the Contemporary Literature Programme are we work hard to taking suited book for pupil to promote they read more on clip to clip. Teacher steering the pupil in schoolroom clip so that when they have job of reading or Confuse the significance of the word instructor can work out the job on the topographic point to heighten the effectivity of learning. Beside this, pupils reading in category with their schoolmate can increase the feelings between friends and they will experience Learning are non entirely. They besides love the activity like games, crossword mystifier, it can do they experience that this clip of reading is different in other period, is like playing non analyze, but they study when they are playing.

Unfortunate every programme has failings. After us running in school we recognize that this programme merely reading in schoolroom is good but non plenty for our pupil they are more interested in singing and moving. And the continuance of this programme is non plenty because when we utilizing 1 English linguistic communication period every two weeks is merely do them read a few book merely. Now a twenty-four hours, our pupil largely involvement in Virtual universe like cyberspace or on-line games more that reading books, if we maintaining utilizing old manner to learning we become disused in the hereafter.

Suggestions and Recommendations

In order to do Contemporary Literature Programme successful in the hereafter, I would wish to give some suggestions and recommendations. First, it is suggested that the continuance of Contemporary Literature Programme to be teach in 1 period per hebdomad same with SK. That will enable students reading more books and instructor can make more activity with students excessively.

Second, activity of instruction can be more interesting and different types of activity such as moving the characters, holding little competition and given some present to promote preform more active in category or holding a marionette show and so on. I am certain that interested activity will be more attractive.

Last, instructors should utilize information engineering in their schoolrooms illustration teacher utilizing PowerPoint or flash to demo the outline of the book, secret plan, subject or characters briefly, I think this is the manner to raise the involvement of students, and students will be more dressed ore in our instruction, more response from students mean that our programme is success and meaningful.

English Reading Corner Programme

Purposes and Aims

The purpose of English Reading Corner is to develop involvement of reading English Language stuffs among students and consolidate their basic linguistic communication from age of seven. While reading the stuffs, students learn the accomplishments of reading, speech production, composing and grammar from the related activities.

There are seven Numberss of aims of the English Reading Corner. By the terminal of their primary schooling, students should be able:

  • To promote students pass on in English while they are giving their feeling.
  • To better spelling while students composing the reading studies.
  • To consolidate the BASIC of English and grammar accomplishment.
  • To heighten the bravery speaking and showing their reading study to audience.
  • To develop reading intelligence among students.
  • To transfuse moral values.
  • To enrich students ' vocabulary and linguistic communication content.


The English Reading Corner was carried out whole twelvemonth in our school from the 1s t twenty-four hours student in school. Students are reading all sort of reading stuffs while they are free in schoolroom, after instructor 's teaching period, after completing their prep or at the interruption clip. Teachers spend some times to prepaid for this corner and doing some activities after their text edition instruction in category.

Target Group

The English Reading Corner Programme is target on all the students in school ( Year 1 to Year 6 ) .

The English instructors of every category as a coach for the students to promote them to read, to compose, to describe and doing some activities after the students reading a book or intelligence. Besides of instructors as a coach, the better students can be a coach to assist those schoolmates who do non understand while they are reading. Students can larn each other to acquire new information and cognition.

Report On Execution

There will hold many sorts of reading stuffs in the English Reading Corner, such as narrative books, large books, magazines, newspapers, dictionary and so on. All of these reading stuffs are taking out from school library or patrons by students. The English Language Panel in school will discourse in the English Language meeting and so taking the suited reading stuffs before the school start. The Story book and large book is taking from school library based on criterion of our pupil. The newspapers - `` New Straits Times '' or `` The Star '' or magazines are sponsor by each category students. They bring from their place to portion the information with their friend in category.

Students are allow and promote to read these reading stuffs while they are free in the schoolroom, after instructor 's teaching period, after completing their prep or at the interruption clip. English teacher as a coach are ready to assist the students who meet jobs while they are reading. Apart from this, the first-class pupils besides can be the coach and assisting their schoolmates who meet jobs. There are dictionary in the corner. Junior students like Year 1 pupil can utilize it to larn how to utilizing dictionary and senior students can utilizing it to look into the vocabulary that they are non understood.

Teacher will name a group of pupil to manage this English corner, responsibility of them is make certain the corner clean and tidy, assisting schoolmate while they are holding job. And need to mend when book are rake or breakage.

Sometimes, after the text edition instruction in an English Language period, instructors will doing some interesting activities such as story-telling, recite verse form, brainstorming of IQ inquiries, crossword mystifier and so on in the English Reading Corner. There are some activities can make in the corner. First, pupils read a short narrative or an article from magazine or newspaper. After that, the pupils can state the narrative to their friends, portion their narrative each other. Then, teacher guides the pupils to do a study or speaking about their feeling in forepart of the category. This can heighten their bravery while speaking and showing the reading study to the audience. At the interim, instructor encourages others students to inquire some inquiries or speak about their sentiment related to the study or feeling. So, a conversation is making between the students and instructor. These can better their speech production and listening accomplishments. Besides, teacher guides the students to associate the study or feeling with the moral values. This is one of the manner instructors can transfuse the moral values to the students and bring forth a good attitude coevals.

Second, after students reading in the corner, they are composing a study and go through up to their instructors. In their reading study, they need to do a decision sing what they had read. From the decision, students have to name out the rubric of book or article, what they have learned and what the moral values in the narrative or an article from newspaper or magazine. Virtually, students are larning the good attitude to form their thoughts. This is besides bettering their authorship, spelling and grammar accomplishments.

Strengths And Failings

The English Reading Corner was success. All the instructors and parents gave to the full support and cooperation. Students are bettering in their hearing, speech production, reading, composing and grammar. Students can pass on in English. The worst students can talk in simple and short sentences excessively. Their authorship accomplishments improve twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. Their betterment makes them go more assurance and some of them start to love English. They feel proud when communicate eloquence in English. And experiencing glorious because of household and friends praised.

Students get more cognition after reading newspaper in the English Reading Corner. This type of cognition non merely from school input but worldwide. Students can larn the new words and vocabulary after reading the narrative and look intoing the significance utilizing the lexicon.

The failings of this programme, instructors lack of times because they need more times to steer students to speak, to believe, to give sentiment in the English Reading Corner besides of their day-to-day instruction to cover the text edition and workbook course of study. In SJKC, there are non more than 6 periods of English period in a hebdomad. Teachers truly do n't hold adequate clip to run this programme swimmingly.

The reading stuffs are one of the failings. Story books in school are non plenty and some of the stuffs are non suited for the Year 1 to Year 3 pupils. Most of the narrative books are non interesting as they have no colourss, no images and full page of article. These make students experience bored on them. Dictionary, every English Reading Corner merely got one lexicon. A category of pupils portions a lexicon, that truly non plenty.

Suggestions And Recommendations

In order to do the English Reading Corner more eloquence in future, instructors can pass some times after school to transport on this programme. We can set up the clip and do a timetable, so that is convenience to the students and instructors to remain back after school. Then, instructors can concentrate and cover their learning while in category. Besides that, we besides need to hold some account with parent to allow them understand that and set up their timetable to pick up their kid.

Second, I suggest that school can utilizing the instruction fund or PIBG fund to purchase more interesting reading stuffs that are suited for primary school pupils particularly Year 1 to Year 3 students. The books must be colourful and full of attractive images such as large books. The juniors prefer that sort of books really much because large books give nice ocular effects and the narrative lines are attractive. Even the seniors besides like this sort of book really much. Dictionaries are much needed excessively. A lexicon is the good assistant in student survey live.


It is hoped that the English Reading Corner Programme and Contemporary Literature Programme that is implementing by the English Language Panel of my school, SJKC KUO KUANG, Skudai, Johor can be benefitted by all pupils form Year 1 to Year 6 ; no affair they are superb or weak pupil. Hope that every student in my school can read right, listen clearly, speak assurance and good written. Based on the failings and recommendations, the English Language Panel of my school besides hope that to foster better the English Reading Corner Programme and Contemporary Literature Programme in twelvemonth 2012 in order to do usage of English Language more seeable in our school.States the intent and outlines the content of the study compactly at the start. The historical background is so provided. Clear, well-organised Table of Contents.

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