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Baby Boom as a defining moment in Canadian History

The Baby Boom was a massive increase of Canada’s population from 1946 to 1965.The Baby Boom was considered a defining moment in Canadian history for economical, educational, and environmental factors.Economically speaking, Canada had an Increase In employment and the economy started to improve financially.

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Jobs were set up, and new projects were financed. (Pain, peg. 217). Consumer demand also rose, as lots of new people were born. In search for a better quality of life, many Canadians would demand massive, stylish engages to cult the large kitchens of suburban bungalows.

High performance, and ease In use and cleaning were other popular attributes, and all these factors led manufacturers to offer a variety of models that would be purchased by consumers to enhance both lifestyle and social status. (The Collection, 2014). Canada Improved economically due to the baby boom since consumerism exploded. Demands of services and products rose massively. Educationally Speaking, children had better opportunities with school since the overspent funded in creating more schools due to high demand.

There became a high demand for schools, first starting with elementary, and as the children aged high schools and universities were built up. (Elena, 2008). An average student only spent six years attending school due to farming duties and only one in ten students graduated from High School. (Elena, 2008). Since the baby boom occurred, students had an opportunity to finish school up until their post secondary education. Environmentally speaking, families moved to suburbs to start fresh with a family. During the sass, 1. Million housing units were set up in suburbia. (Annie, ND). Highways were built for transportation and so it would be convenient for people to get to places. (Annie, ND). Environment was a factor during the Baby Boom, since it reflected the arbitration of suburbs in the sass. Common reasons why suburbs became quite popular include: a large variety of land, and to escape crime. The Baby Boom affected Canada in a positive way as it was a defining moment In history for economical, educational, and environmental purposes.

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