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Flight or Fight Response

Flight or Fight Specific Purpose: Inform people about the “Fight or Flight” response and the better understand the way the body responds to certain stress. I. Introduction: Driving your parents home one night you begin to lose control of the car and crash.

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You’re able to escape the car unharmed, but notice one of your parents are stuck inside with the door jammed and the car on fire. Your heart rate begins to rise and you feel this surge of energy flow through your body. You react and rip the door off the car and save your parent. This may sound like a story off a movie, but could and has actually happened in reality for some people.

The surge of energy that allows our bodies to do extraordinary and unreal things is called adrenaline. This adrenaline comes from the body’s response, which is called the “Fight or Flight” response. Today I’m going to inform you about the chemical adrenaline, what the fight or flight response is, and how it is both good and bad for us. A. Attention Getter: I’m going to use a narrative introduction, which involves loved ones in distress. B. Relevance to Audience: Everyone will want to know how the fight or flight can be activated and also everyone experiences stress throughout their lives. C.

Thesis: What is the chemical adrenaline and the fight or flight response and also what are the pros and cons. D. Credibility: I experience adrenaline in sports every day and have done many research papers on it in High School. E. Preview Main Points: The main points include what adrenaline is, what the fight or flight response is and what the pros and cons are. F. Transition to First Main Point: So what’s adrenaline? Most of you might already know about it and may have experienced it in your life. II. First main point. The chemical adrenaline. A. Adrenaline is a chemical reaction that is produced by two adrenal glands, located by kidney. Harrison) 1. The glands produce the chemical and pump into the bloodstream when the body is exposed to a potential threat. (Harrison) 2. Since the adrenaline must go through the whole body, it may take a couple seconds to fully feel the effect of the adrenaline rush. a. It raises the heart rate and blood pressure. b. Changes the flow of the blood directly to the muscles. (This makes you faster and stronger. ) B. Some people have different effects to it than others as well. 1. A person might feel energized, have a weak stomach, and or shaky and confused during the rush. ( Harrison) 2.

Some people might even feel like they are in slow motion or have tunnel vision. a. Sometimes may not feel pain at all. b. Not all these experiences may occur during the rush but some will. Transition to Second Main Point: All of these effects are helping prepare the body to flee or fight. This is the “fight or flight” response. III. Second main point. Fight or Flight response. A. The fight or flight response is the body’s self-defense mechanism, that prepares the body to flee or fight from a dangerous or harmful situation. (Babu) 1. When our bodies experience an overwhelming amount of stress that may seem harmful the reaction is triggered. . The action is able to be triggered because of the hypothalamus. Which is an area of the brain the starts a sequence of cell firing and chemical release that prepares our body. (Babu) a. People may be able to lift cars during the response or run at world record speeds. b. The chemical that is released is adrenaline. Transition to Third Main Point: Now that you know what and how the response works, you need to know what the pros and cons are of the response. IV. Third main point. Pros and Cons. A. The pros of the response. 1. When the response is triggered it changes the flow of blood directly to our muscles and limbs more.

Allowing us to be stronger and faster. 2. Also are pupils dilated and our awareness increases, allowing us to scan the environment. (Babu) a. All these signs allow the body to be put in the best physical and mental shape. B. Cons of the response. 1. As the response makes us more aware of things around us, some may become paranoid and hurt innocent people. 2. It can also change the way we feel pain. Our body might allow us to lift a car, but afterwards we may be feeling the pain of lifting the car. Some muscles might tear without us knowing. (Babu) C. Optional)So while the response might be good, it can also be very devastating. Transition to Conclusion: Now knowing what adrenaline is, how it is used in the flight or fight response and the pros and cons of response, you can be more aware of your body’s reactions to harmful stress. V. Conclusion. A. Is included in the transition. B. So the next time you feel harmed or threatened, you will feel the adrenaline rush and activate your bodies fight flight response. And who knows may even pick up a car. Note: Must meet collegiate standards of grammar, full Sentences throughout, double spaced, one inch margins, 12 inch Times New R