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Fantasy Books

What if you discovered a magic spring that would keep you forever as young and vital as the day you drank from it- would you partake it? Fantasy represents that which is impossible and outside the parameters of our known reality. Although some people believe that fantasy books, movies and TV shows are corrupting the minds of teens nevertheless fantasy books should be read because they teach the difference between good and bad. Fantasy books often tend to be very appealing to teenagers and help develop their personality, which is why a lot of teenagers who previously never used to read books started reading books.

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Reading fantasy books such as Harry Potter and twilight instills love for reading books in young teens. These adolescents can partially relate to some of these stories, as most of the characters of the novels are the same age as the readers. Hence, teenagers undergo a similar experience, though they are restricted by realities of life. These books tend to be a temporary escape from daily life. This is evident from the fact that before Harry Potter it was usually unheard of kids queuing in front of book shops to buy books (CITATION??? . Teens are interested in reading books that let them explore the world beyond their immediate surroundings. It helped them think out of the box. This allowed them to dream much bigger than they could ever before. It also develops critical reading skills of the teenagers which later helps in their academics. For example reading lengthy books such as Harry Potter, not only increases the reading speed of these children but also helps them read effectively when in class, as it helps them save time.

Therefore it is beneficial not detrimental for teenagers to read fantasy books as it instills in them the habit of reading from an early age which later helps them in life. Fantasy books and movies increase the imagination and creativity of teens. When a teenager reads fantasy books and watches fantasy movies, the thought provoking nature of his/her mind is triggered. It makes the reader intrigued by what is happening in the plot, and what will happen? They will want to speculate the story and be surprised by what they read.

This increases the sensible predicting capacity of an individual. According to UK’s fantasy book reviews, fantasy books such as Earthsea Saga (CITATION5) Fantasies allow readers to consider and speculate painful realistic themes sometimes in a way that is more acceptable than in reality. This enables them Therefore teenagers are interested in reading books that let them explore the world beyond their immediate surroundings. It helps them think outside the box. This allows them to dream bigger than they could ever before.

These books and movies allow teenagers to see how different situations instigate different emotions in people and how can they be overcome. Although critics argue that reading fantasy corrupts young minds, however Fantasy books and television shows can often be productive. This is because fantasy books help develop the young minds, rather than corrupt them. They help individuals think outside the box, and go beyond what they see in their daily lives. They . They develop values, and desire and passion for excellence. For example, in

Fantasy books and movies often portray being part of the good team as a norm that is supported by society and almost always results in a good outcome, whereas evil leads one astray and leads to eventual defeat and shamefulness*. This is evident from fantasy movies such as Spiderman and Batman. For example in Batman, Firstly, it is believed by certain sections of society that reading fantasy books and seeing television shows do not develop but rather corrupt young minds. This view is often supported through examples such as Twilight and the need

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