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Family Interaction

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Introduction This paper describes a significant learning family interaction that occurred when I was working in a community placement as a student nurse. I would be reflecting on that family interaction and use the “One Question Question” approach and analyse how this would contribute to your learning needs and nursing practice. Critical or significant interactions can be defined as situations that make an impression or have a special meaning to an individual.

The analysis of such incidents, a useful reflective technique helps us to identify professional capabilities, increase knowledge of self and improve patient care outcomes (Lian, 2001) and lead to practice that is better informed than before the reflection (Usher et al, 2001). Critical reflection on one nurse-family interaction and the impact I was in my community placement where I got an opportunity to interact with an adolescent who was Insulin Dependent Type 2 diabetes and his family.

The community nurse visited for the monitoring of the BGL tests and insulin administration as he had fluctuating BGLs and he had a history of not complying with the insulin. He was admitted to hospital numerous times with episodes of hypoglycaemias and hyperglycaemias. The family were very concerned about him and were worried about his erratic lifestyle. I must say the interactions I had with this family had some impact on me and I realised my shortcomings and learning needs. I used John’s

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