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Family Honor

Family honor is romeo and juliet is represented by the constant attempts to preserve family pride from both houses. This defense and pride causes many deaths and deeper problems that are passed down from generation to generation. In the first scene of romeo and juliet, the montagues and capulets come across each other, and because of the deep rooted hatred they have for each other’s fmilies, they taunt one another and begin to fight.

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This fight worsens the already tarnished relationship the two houses share.

Tybalt, a capulet, holds a strong place in defending his family’s honor. It is so strong that he even enjoys it. Like Tybalt, the Montegues are fueled by their hatred for one another. What they don’t realize is that this hatred only challenges each other’s family honor. Family honor is not always such a negative thing. This can similarly occur outside fiction as well.

In my family, there has been little representation of family honor. For example, moving around at such a high rate, we have been unable to develop feuds with other families. There were bits of family honor in my life. At school I was against telling anyone details about what was going on in my home life in an attempt to protect and defend my family’s honor. This often was unsuccessful. Though, the type of family honor show in my life differed from the family honor shown in Romeo and Juliet.

All in all, there is a distinct representation of famly honor in Romeo and juliet. This honor can also be shown in real life. This completely depends on the family and what family honor means to them. For me, family honor is not a huge factor in my life. This does not mean I do not have family pride. I cannot relate much to romeo and juliet.