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Family and Issue

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The first Issue is all about the genealogy of Kamapua`a. He was the enemy of the Lava Goddess Pele who lived in Kilauea. -The second Issue is the story of how his mother was born and kapu’d for the king but she fell in love with the King’s brother and gave birth to 3 children and a pig child. The youngest child was taken to the sky and turned into a kind of rain while the others were adopted into grandmothers home. The grandmother says a chant and Kamapua`a gains powers to change body forms. The third Issue is about the Pig- Child using his powers to plant a whole taro patch with his youngest borhter in a single day, as to where the older brother trying to do it by himself would have taken several days. Kamapua`a finishes both gardens single-handedly.

This issue also show the love between him and his family, they treat him very nicely and praise him for all that he does. This issue ends with Kamapua`a stealing chickens from nearly the whole island. He will be going for the Kings chicken coop next. -The fourth issue is about how the pig continues to go out and steal chickens, continuously getting closer to the kings roost when he finds a mystical chicken that he leaves. He rested for 3 days because he was tired of chasing chickens. He the got up and raided Kailua. The people of Kailua came thinking that Kamapua`a did it but he changed into a sick looking pig. The pig then went and raided the kings chickens and got seen and chased by the guards -The fifth issue is about how the King sends armies to kill a little pig but cannot overcome the magic powers of Kamapua`a. Kamapua`a is constantly outsmarting his opponents.

He is found sleeping under a rock and is taken prisoner, being stabbed with a stone dagger the whole time. That is where the fifth issue ends. -In the sixth issue Kamapua`a was dead and came back to life, killing everyone who was against him. He then sailed to Kauai and found one of the chiefs daughters who had fainted. He brought her back to consciousness and made her his woman. In this issue he meets his new father in law and learns of his brother in law who causes terror and havoc on the island. Kamapua`a tells his wife that he will go to challenge, she objects but it will not be enough to stop him.

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Family and Issue

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