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Experience from Part Time Job

EXPERIENCE FROM PART-TIME JOB Every young person eventually needs to consider a career path, and working part-time jobs are a common way to gain experience in determining which career field is right for the individual.Part-time jobs are good way to gain experience not only in a particular position, but are also instrumental in teaching a newcomer to the working world a number of important skills that are necessary to succeed in the long-term.From the real situation – one day to be a serving staff at a coffee shop, I myself find that part-time work activities give me many useful lessons.

Working environment is the way to have many interactions between us and customers, partners, also the managers.

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The important thing I want to mention is “to be welcoming, friendly and polite”. Sometimes, the complaint of customers, the criticism of the manager make u so confused. However, learning how to suffer from such things like that is also a lesson when you are engaged in a part-time job. So, “work quickly and stay calm under pressure”. Besides, being in working environment compels me to improve communication skills. At the first time, I felt so shy because of my influent communicability.

But, thank to character of the job, I try to overcome myself and make it better as much as possible. I think it works some way. Finally, what I learned from a part-time job is ability to multi-task. Having organization skills is very important even in the most unorganized, chaotic atmosphere. Although the part-time job I chose is not relevant to my major, I still think it`s useful, at least in the current time. Part-time jobs are a good way to learn experience not only about working, but offer a number of soft skills that I am sure it will be very necessary for my job in the future.

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