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Euro Disney: First 100 Days

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The biggest factor that attributed to Euro Disney’s failure is perhaps its ambition of trying to cater to many different nationalities and handling a large European population without identifying the target market and further understand its entertainment preferences. In general, Disney should think through the resources needed to fulfill its targeted market, more importantly it should determines what are the key components that contributed to Disney’s success, and whether or not these components are transferable across cultural boundaries.

The lack of understanding cultural differences has prevented Disney to exercise its core competency of delivering high quality services to its guests. While certain Disney’s characteristics are easily transferable to Euro Disney, such as building fascinating rides and attractions, creating different themes and fantasies land, selecting a central location that are easily accessible for tourist, and providing a complete vacation packages by building beautiful resorts around theme park.

The heart of Disney’s key success, however, lies within its entertainment experience and cast member’s interactions with the guests. First of all, Euro Disney does not has the resources to deliver the same quality of customers service as seen in the US and Japan, Europeans workers has different work ethics, and they do not naturally adores the American culture and therefore are not enthusiastic about having the Disney spirit to grow inside them. Secondly, Europeans are accustom to intellectual entertainment, and fine dining experiences; which are not what Disney is about.

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Thirdly, because Euro Disney’s attempt to cater to too many nationality, it has not properly defined its targeted market, therefore unable to customize a system that works for majority of the guests. In order for Euro Disney to be successful, Disney need to figure out who the target customers are, and how can they attract repeated guests or draws new visitors. From there, they can adapt to the culture, and make compromises to satisfy its customers that meets Disney’s standard.

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