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Ethics and Ethical Dilemma

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The movie that I chose for ethical dilemma is the Disney movie called “UP”. It is a story based on an old man and how a boy’s scout boy helps the old man keep his house by floating the old man’s house with balloons. This is an adventurous movie. It has a lot of ups and downs. The ethical dilemma in this movie the man is old, his wife is dead and the city is building new buildings all around his house they want him to vacant his him go to an old folk’s home to live for the rest of his remaining life, which is the ethical thing to do.

But instead the story is a bit far stretched out, but he 'escapes' it in an unethical unrealistic way and floats his house away with balloons. The old man risks his life; the boys scout boy, and the dog. The situation could have been worse, where the old man’s house could fall anywhere in the story making this a terrible and unrealistic idea of saving his house. Another ethical dilemma in this movie is the bird; it is obviously an endangered species. So does the original explorer guy have the right to capture the bird and show to the world?

Or does the old man have the right to stop the explorer and rescue the bird? In my opinion the explorer has some rights, but the way he wants to make money out of the bird is unethical. The old man has the right to stop the explorer because the old man sees his self through the eyes of the bird and how he cannot live the life he wants to in his house. At the end not only does the old man not have to go to an old folk’s home, instead he keeps his house. Unrealistically the house sits right where the story started from. The movie showed how jam packed the city is, but the old man was able to restore his house.

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Ethics and Ethical Dilemma

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Once the house was where it started from, none of the city officials took any actions, but instead let the old man keep his house and the city officials built their buildings and roads around the house which could be a hazardous situation in the future. The old man once again finds happiness from boy and dog and he never has to worry about construction again. He escapes reality so to speak. No matter how I look at this movie at an ethical point, all I can say is that sometimes unrealistic stories like “UP” teach us a good moral lesson about life.

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