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The Escape – Creative Writing

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I couldn't breathe. I could feel a large weight on top of me but when I looked there was nothing there. It was getting heavier and heavier. I tried to scream but every time that I tried I felt a shooting pain in my chest. All that I could do was wait and pray. I thought that it was unlikely that I would be found and I kept going over what had happened and couldn't understand how a life so perfect could go so wrong as easily as it had. It wasn't right. I looked down and released a ear splitting scream...

The previous month I had just been a normal teenager, going to school and going shopping at the weekend. Then it all changed. I came home from school to find that a large wagon was parked in front of our house and a man was carrying out our belongings. I saw my TV, stereo and Game cube being carried out of the front door by two large men. At first I thought that we were being robbed but then I saw my mum and dad appear at the front door. My mum was in floods of tears and my dad was stood with another man and signing papers. It never occurred to me what was happening.

I ran across the garden and threw my arms around my mum. Although I didn't know what was going on I started to cry. I thought that I should try to be brave as my mum was so upset but it was the only time that I had ever seen her cry. I knew that something must be seriously wrong. I released her gently from my arms and gently asked her what was happening and who the men were. She said that my dad would explain everything when he had signed the papers. It was about five minutes, but seemed like a lifetime, before my dad could come and explain what we were going to do next.

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The Escape – Creative Writing

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As my dad started to talk I became speechless. How could this happen? We hadn't done anything wrong yet we were the ones that were being punished. I couldn't take in what was being explained to me. It was so unfair that because my dad had done the right thing we were going to have to move out of our house and leave our life that my parents had built up for me. What had happened was that my dad had been involved in a robbery at work, the men had been captured but my dad had been asked to give evidence in court in order to get them put in prison.

My dad had done this willingly but the thing that he had not realised was that the men who he had helped to send to prison were part of a large gang who were very violent. The other gang members were now out for revenge, with my dad. He had been receiving silent phone calls; evil text messages and he had even been sent death threats through the post. But what had happened the previous day was too much for anyone to cope with. Someone had burst into his office to try to attack him. It could have all gone horribly wrong for my dad if it hadn't been for a meeting being called at the last minute and him leaving his office to join it.

I felt awful, it had been the previous day that I had been moaning because I wasn't allowed to go out with my friends. I could now understand that they had done it for my safety and the same men that had wanted to kill my dad could have killed me. I hadn't thought at any point in my life that I would have to be careful where I go and who I go with for the risk of my life. It all seemed so unreal. I had watched TV programmes and horror films about things like this happening but I never thought about what it must be like for people to be put in this situation.

I felt disappointed in myself because I remembered when I was at a sleepover and I had joked that this sort of thing would never happen and that if it did the person who was on the run must have done something wrong. Even when I had this explained to me I didn't expect to hear what they told me next. We were being put in the 'Witness Protection Programme'. I didn't fully understand what this meant. I thought that all it meant was that we had to move away from our home in order to get away from the people that were chasing us.

As my parents continued to talk I realised that it meant that we were going to get a new identity and that we were not allowed to tell anyone what we were going to do. That was the hardest thing that I had to cope with. I said bye to my friends when I left school that day but it never entered my head that it was the last thing that I would be saying to them. I had always been popular at school and I couldn't understand why something like this would happen to me. Why couldn't it happen to Laura and her family? No one liked her and she didn't have any friends so there wouldn't be anyone who would miss her.

I knew that it was a horrible thing to think but I couldn't help myself. What would my friends think if I didn't say anything before I left? I pleaded with my mum to let me phone them, I even said that one would be enough and that they could pass on the message to the others. This wasn't going to happen no matter how much I pleaded. They explained that it was for my safety. If I had told my best friend and she said something to my other friends, someone could overhear what she was saying and this problem could start over again. I did understand what they were saying but it seemed so undeserved.

After we had the conversation I decided that I would have one last look inside the house. I was really surprised. The house still had the wallpaper and the carpets but the rest of the house was so bare. I climbed the stairs to where my bedroom was. It was weird knowing that it was the last time that I would be in my room again. It still looked like my room with the carpets and the poster but everything else was bare. I felt a tear fall down my face. I was trying to be strong but there was nothing that I could do, I just couldn't stop the tears from continually falling.

I slowly walked down the stairs and quietly sat in the car. The large wagon started to drive off down the street and I knew then that it was the end of what I knew as my life. As my parents got into the car a policewoman came to sit in the back. It all felt so strange and I couldn't take the chance of looking behind me because I didn't know how I would react. When we turned the corner onto the main road my phone started to bleep to tell me that I had a message so I reached into my bag to get it out. It was no sooner that I had the mobile in my hand that the policewoman snatched it off me.

She was sympathetic with me but she said that it would be best if I didn't read what it said because it may upset me to know that I was unable to respond to whatever was said. As we pulled onto the motorway it struck me that I did not know where we were going. I had been so wrapped up in my thoughts that we could have been going abroad and I wouldn't have known. I asked my dad but he said that he would tell me when we had arrived. It seemed to me as if I was being kept in the dark about everything that was going on. Did my parents not realise how much this was affecting me?

My whole world was being turned upside down and they wouldn't tell me anything about what was happening. It wasn't as though I wouldn't understand; I was a teenager so why wouldn't they trust me. I didn't have any way that I could contact anyone so I couldn't put us in any danger from these people who were chasing us. We slowed down and I noticed a sign that was in welsh and as soon as I saw it I knew where my parents were taking me. We had been on holiday here the previous year and my parents had expressed how much they loved it her. I was really angry now. They were messing up my whole life and they were making me stay in this place.

They knew how much I hated it because of how much there was to do. There were fields all around, no shops and no one who was near my age. I couldn't see how I was going to cope in a place like this. My life would revolve around school because there was nothing else to do. If we had to move why couldn't we move to a large town like London or Birmingham? This was going to be my worst nightmare, nothing to do but walk up hills and go to school. I had never realised how great my life was before. It makes me understand how true the saying 'you never appreciate what you have until its gone' is.

The amount of times my parents had said this I hadn't really understood it, I just assumed that if you lost something you would be able to get used to your life without it. I would never get used to this. We drove into the village and there was nobody about even though it was a Friday night. There were always people about when you wanted to go out. I hadn't even seen one person here. We pulled up in front of this tiny cottage. They couldn't seriously think that this was big enough for three people but when I looked round it seemed to be one of the biggest cottages in the area.

I hesitantly walked through the front door to find that it seemed bigger on the inside than it looked from the outside. I knew that there was nothing that I could do now to change their mind so I returned outside and took one of the suitcases out of the boot of the car. As I turned around I noticed that there was a boy and a girl walking towards me. They seemed friendly and they looked about my age. I said hello and introduced myself. It seemed weird when I had to introduce myself by a different name. They didn't seem to notice the uneasy tone in my voice because they both introduced themselves to me.

They said that they both lived down the road and that they went to the school that I would be going to. I told them that I had to take my things inside but I would hopefully see them later. They said bye and walked off. Things looked much better than I had originally thought that it could be. I slowly got used to living in a quiet village and by the end of the second week I had lots of new friends and I had told then why I had moved here-The made up version obviously. Everyone seemed nice but because it was so secluded there was only six people in my class.

It was strange to begin with and I would go home upset because of how few people there are but after I thought about it I realised that it was much better for my education. It was as though I was having one to one tuition, which meant that I was learning much more than I did at my previous school. I still missed all my friends and in a strange way some of the teachers. After we had been at our new home for a month things started to go wrong for us. Someone had found out my mums new mobile number and she was getting prank phone calls and silent phone calls.

We notified the police but they assumed that it was my fault and that I had been in contact with someone from my old school. Nobody believed me when I said that I hadn't done anything that I wasn't supposed to do and I was kept off school to be questioned and to 'learn a lesson'. I hadn't realised that it was so serious if I had spoke to someone from my old school. I hadn't and that was what upset me, no one believed me. I stormed out of the house my eyes full of tears and a lump in my throat... ... My scream rang through the dark lane and my chest hurt even more.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My white T-shirt had turned red with the blood that was pouring out of my chest. I tried to think what had happened to me. I didn't know how long I had been here for. I didn't know how much longer I would be here. I heard a car engine in the distance. I tried to move but I found that no matter how hard I tried my legs would not move. I couldn't believe that I was going to be rescued but my luck changed. The car turned down a small lane. If only I had waited with my parents I wouldn't have been in this situation.

Why didn't I wait at home and try to explain further? I didn't know what to do. I had no way of phoning home and I didn't know where I was. In the very far distance I saw a small yellow dot that was becoming larger with every second. I realised that it was someone on a bike. I wanted to scream for help but each time I tried there was only a small noise that escaped. I could only wait and hope that the bike wouldn't turn. It was coming straight towards me. My eyes closed and everything went dark. As I opened my eyes I could hear lots of noise and see lots of people hurrying around me.

I was in a total daze. I could hear lots of people saying my name and asking if I could hear them. I could, I just couldn't respond. It was as though I was watching these people with someone else and there was nothing that I could do. I felt someone grab hold of my hand so I squeezed the hand as much as I could. When I had done this I heard the reassuring voice of my mum. It was saying "Everything will be okay. I wont let anything happen to you ever again. There is no-one that can harm you now. " I believed every word that she was saying to me. I knew that I would be okay from now on.

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