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Effects of Advertising

Effects of Advertising Presentation Ashley Maloney HUM/176 10/21/2012 Dr. Caicco Effects of Advertising Presentation Effects of advertising can be positive and negative for some businesses, it just depends on the type of business you are running, and the type of advertising you choose. I chose to reflect on the effects of advertising fast food.

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Fast food is common and almost everyone eats at a fast food restaurant weekly. A lot of people speculate that the fast food restaurants target young children for obesity.

Fast food restaurants are always going to be around and they are going to continue to expand with their ways of advertising. Fast food restaurants are advertised many ways, including: Television, Internet, Billboards, Coupons, Mail, etc. The television is a popular way of advertising because a lot of people watch it. People watch TV daily, some all day every day. So fast food restaurants know that their products will be seen if they are on the television set. Internet always has ads that pop-up when you are on there.

Even if your not on a certain website that pertains to them, the pop-ups will still come about. Even though you have the option to either look at the pop-up or click out of it, it is still there. Even a glance at the pop-up will make you see their products. Billboards are a popular way to advertise because people drive daily. If you are on your way to work you will more than likely see a billboard that promotes new products by fast food restaurants. Coupons are sent whether you want them or not. I get them all the time.

Restaurants send these coupons out because they promote a buy one get one free advertisement, which is unique to me because it is a way to pull people in. It is a way for people to go back time and time again. Who doesn’t like free food? Speculators believe that children are targets for obesity when it comes to fast food. Marketing for fast food restaurants is proven to be unhealthy for children. The L. A. Times reports: In 2009 preschoolers saw 56% more ads for Subway, 21% more ads for McDonald’s and 9% more ads for Burger King, compared with 2007.

Children age 6 to 11 saw even more: 59% more ads for Subway, 26% more for McDonald’s and 10% more for Burger King. The report also found that African American kids and teens are exposed to at least 50% more fast food ads than their white counterparts. (Melnick, 2012 Time Inc). Eating fast food has become a routine for families nowadays because they have no time for making dinner so they stop at a restaurant and eat. When a parent eats late, they tend to make a quick stop because they are too tired or do not have the time for going home and making a dinner.

It also makes it difficult because they have no time to spend with their children. Advertising is big today because it promotes the product that the business is trying to sell. They do not care about the health of children and teens as long as they are making money. Advertising draws more customers in and more customers bring in more revenue for the business. References Melnick, M. (2012 Time Inc). Time Healthland. Retrieved from http://Fast food restaurants are advertised many ways, including: Television, Internet, Billboards, Coupons, Mail, etc..