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Edward Scissorhands gives the idea

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People always set a so called standard. We might not notice it but we lived with it. We can not deny the reality that we distinguished or categories everything; right music, beautiful, normal, etc. We set it as a standard or right thing because it is the common thing that we see and everything that does not belong to it said to be abnormal, ugly and the like.

Did we ever ask what others say about these standards? Especially those that we think do not belong to us. If it is not the beautiful that we see today is set as “beautiful” then it will be the other one that we will be referring as beautiful. Well, it is planted already in our hearts. No mater what we do there our heart will still say and stick to what we usually see.

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Most often when we see people who do not belong to that standard we give them uncommon treatment. Why? It is because we think they are incapable of doing what we commonly did. Well, good for those treated with good but for others they were even denied with their rights as a person.

Edward Scissorhands gives the idea or states what is happening to our society. When somebody saw him he was brought home but treated as a specials person. Well, he is incapable of doing some things that a what they called “normal people” do (just like what happened to the waterbed).

People treat him with uncommon treatment because of his weaknesses. One example scene that gives an idea of the common reactions of people is that when Edward, even incapable of doing some things, had a hidden strength of ability.

If they were not preoccupied with the thing that Edward is incapable they will never be amazed when they knew that Edward has a hidden artistry. They loved him since then. Well, we can not deny that fact that is a nature of man to show kindness to those who show him kindness.

One man got envious with Edward. He blackmailed him and charged him with robbery. That plot starts to cause hi to be driven away. Although it was not at that moment but it was the start that some people think him negatively. The people did not examine every detail of the events and concluded directly.

When they saw Edward with a blood on his scissorhands they postulated he was attempting to kill. They were preoccupied that because Edward is different from them he will commit a crime or he will do bad thing to them at anytime and by that they did not investigate. They drove away Edward.

Edward’s social aspect did not develop fully because unexposed to other people. He grew in an isolated place. He wasn’t exposed because of the fear that the community might not like him and will not accept him. As we can see social integration is needed for human beings to be developed as a person. It’s not only because of that factor but it is because of the fact that every person is unique.

No person is the same as the other. Because not all of us have the same weaknesses and strength e need to interact to fill up the voids of some aspects. If Edward grew up with the community, he will not be treated as such he will be common to their sight. Every person need also to know what is happening to his society for him to adjust with the community trend.

One common reaction for a man who is not oriented with the community is watching himself not to be seen and notice by others as different. In other words he will try to be one of them. This rapid change of environment causes Edward to act abnormally; meaning he act not the same with the community.

Even though the film did not verbally mentioned the thoughts of Edward I still see his inner feelings of being not oriented. He is like a sheep being put together with the pigs where he tried to be like pigs. He tried to do what the community is doing.

This is unhealthy for human beings; a sudden change of environment. This often caused the person’s being to be crushed. For worse, it will lead only to the destruction of his personality. Because human beings can not adopt easily, everything need to be a gradual process. Everybody should help with one another to bridge the gap between them.

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