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Don’t Complain

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Often heard people complain why my face is not beautiful, why the weather is so bad, why I live in such a poor family ... why should we complain about it? Just like what Maya Angelou said:”if you don't like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don't complain. ” I remember I read an article about Helen Keller. The day she became blind and deaf she was only 18 months old! At the beginning she was really sad and very easy to get angry, but after a few weeks, she composed herself. She began to find her own path in life.

Miss Sullivan began to teach Helen vocabularies and how to touch Braille; Helen had generated a great interest in knowledge. Ultimately, she was admitted to Harvard University with honors. She didn't complain what she doesn’t have; she changed her attitude towards life and became successful. Another example, Hawking was a British theoretical physicist, and author. He was suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease and paralysis soon. After a few years, Hawking lost his ability of speaking also. Hawking was being detained in a wheelchair for 40 years; the disease has made ?? his body completely deformed.

Even so, Hawking has not given up, he was tenaciously survived. Despite his debilitating illness, he has done ground-breaking work in physics and cosmology and his several books strive to make science accessible to everyone. He didn't have the ability to change his adversity, but he kept a good attitude and he didn't complain; he became success. For those things that you can’t change, there is no need to complain, change your attitude might be a better option. You cannot change your appearances, why don’t you give it an indulgent smile; you cannot change the weather, why don’t you change your mood; attitude is everything!

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Haven’t found the relevant content? Hire a subject expert to help you with Don’t Complain

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