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Discovery and Conquest of America

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Before I discuss my stand about this matter, let me first tackle myth. As the definition, Myth (mythos) is a sacred story concerning the origins of the world or how the world and the creatures in it came to have their present form. The active beings in myths are generally gods and heroes. Myths often are said to take place before recorded history begins. In saying that a myth is a sacred narrative, what is meant is that a myth is believed to be true by people who attach religious or spiritual significance to it. Use of the term by scholars does not imply that the narrative is either true or false.

A Myth in popular use is something that is widely believed to be false. This usage, which is often pejorative, arose from labeling the religious myths and beliefs of other cultures as being incorrect, but it has spread to cover non-religious beliefs as well. Because of this usage, many people take offense when the religious narratives they believe to be true are called myths. This usage is frequently confused with fiction, legend, fairy tale, folklore, fable, and urban legend, each of which has a distinct meaning in academia.

If we will discuss myth further, and if we will elaborate this into details, as stated, it takes place before recorded history begins. So most likely, there is no basis or proof that it really happened in the past. And it is much easier to make a certain claim or story because nobody have experienced or witnessed such event. And the creative mind of writers/people is indeed very useful. Writers or story makers can give some scenario, a make-believe story that eventually, readers or listeners will claim as a real thing that occurs or took place somewhere else in the world somewhere back in time.

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How many myths and stories like this have roamed around the globe? Some where even taught in most schools and universities. And we are all quite interested in hearing or listening to such stories, because our imagination is at work. Then we begin to wonder, to share it to others and eventually, hold to it as the truth. Now, let’s define reality. In everyday usage, it means "the state of things as they actually exist. " Reality is something that really happened or is happening. Most of the important or significant happenings are documented so it will be preserved and nobody will and can question its existence and or occurrence.

Most of it nowadays are being broadcast, televised, exposed and presented to the world using communication mediums. Now, let me have my stand. Heroic acts of great men cannot be claimed as myth. It is a reality. It is in the history. How would we ever named some of them and make a story about their battles and their respective lives and contributions in the entire country if we really don’t have any basis or something to claim as their “walks” during their time? Where did historians get their stories behind the past events?

How writers of different ages, races derived their respective write-ups and claims if they don’t have any research or basis in writing such things? We cannot say that it was merely frictional or due to their abundant and wild imaginations, though we know that human beings are highly intellectual. And a lot of discoveries around the world are eminent to all races, that would enlighten and give people the hint or idea of what happened in the past or what people in the early years have or experienced before they vanished in the surface of earth.

Heroic acts are not merely the act of giving someone’s life for the sake of something bigger. It is not always the act of doing something great, it is not always visible in the naked eyes. Sometimes or there are times that silence is indeed the act itself of heroism, of course it depends on the situation. And heroism is not measured on how small or big it is, so long that action was done with love and dedication for something worthwhile. Let’s have the Philippines as a clear example for this matter. We all know that there was a lot of invasion in the above mentioned country.

But there were those great man who stand out and fight to get the freedom of their beloved country. To name a few, there is Jose Rizal who used his brilliant mind in writing to awaken the heart of his fellow Filipinos to fight against Spaniards, Andres Bonifacio, Lapu-Lapu, GOMBURZA (Gomez, Burgos and Zamora) and a lot more. Their acts of heroism are of different forms and ways. But still, they made a difference. In America, there are as well great heroes. To name some, there is John Ordroneauxre who fought the British in 1812; Haym Salomon who was the financier of the revolutionary war; Col.

Leon Dyer who served the country in the three wars; Major Leopold Blumenberg who was a hero of the civil war and a lot more, in different fields, of different ways of showing their heroic acts for the country with arms wide-open. Furthermore, let’s have the exploration of Christopher Columbus, if he and his men do not have any single heroic acts in their lives during their time, they will never discover land for territorial expansion. We all know that exploration took place not just for days but of years.

And those men spent their lives for such thing even if they don’t know if they will be successful or not. And yes they made it. October 12, 1492 is indeed a time they will never forget, the date they discovered America. From there on and up to the present, we all know that a lot of men devoted their lives for the love of country. Ups and downs come and go but still, America stands still. Now going back to the main issue of the discovery and conquest of America that was achieved through the heroic acts of men as a reality and not as a myth, let’s have the existence of Thanksgiving.

If there is no single heroic act in the past, if there is no reason to be thankful, so why is that so that America have this Thanksgiving which usually celebrated on the second to the last week of November? It is not merely for thanking the Almighty God for all His blessings and guidance for the whole year round but as well as for commemorating the whole heroic acts of all individuals who in one way or another make America a successful and abundant country in most aspect, in all aspect. Nowadays, what is America? In the world, America is the powerful and strong nation. Great leaders ruled America.

Even having some unexpected issues and battles, America remains standing. Untouched and undivided. How come? Merely because, there is those men with open arms who are very much willing to give their lives for the country without asking or waiting for anything in return. There is still and always those man who are very much willing to give something, small or big, special or not that would make a difference. I guess that’s all that matters. And that heroic act will always be there, until the end of time. We can never question that. It is something that sometimes heart could only understand.

As to scholars of our times that question the issue of heroic act of some great men, maybe they have their own point of view. Maybe they have unsatisfied curiosity, maybe some of their questions were not clearly answered. We cannot please everybody nor to persuade them to believe in something that they really don’t believe. Maybe they need some proof. Or maybe, they just wanted historians/writers to prove their respective work a reality and not just mere a story to tell or something that will catch the whole world’s attention. People are entitled to hold on to their own opinion. Let’s just respect each other’s point of view.

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