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Describe the Social, Economic and Cultral Factors

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These days children and young people are involved in many issues in society which can/may affect their lives. Religion is all across the UK now and many children who live here have a different type of religion. Religions have different rules to others and this can affect children because of them (rules). For example if a Muslim child is friends with a child who doesn’t have a religion and that child can go out in the street or can sleep out, the child who is Muslim might not be able to do that and that might make them feel isolated and upset.

Or children who have come from another country, their parents have a different cultural background to other people which mean the child will be raised differently and have different views, which can cause conflict among other children who have been brought up in the British culture. Personal choice is another thing that could impact a childs life, if a childs parents make a choice to live in a different way e. e same sex parents or travelling a lot then this could affect a childs education because they’d have to travel loads as part of the travelling community.

Another factor could be social, a child or young person could have only 1 friend and stick to them but that friend might want to go off with other children sometimes which can make a child feel lonely and they might find it hard then to make new friends. Or a child could be with everyone always and this is good because it’s good to develop social skills and how to socialize but this could also be bad because they aren’t as independent as they should be.

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Also family has a big impact, a child could be a ‘young carer’ because there mum or dad is disabled this could make them feel upset and worried all the time, which would affect school work and could affect health, if no money is coming in to feed or shelter them. Some families may have different styles of parenting, they might expect highly of their child, if there is lack of support that can lead to low self esteem. Other things that could affect social factor is disabilities, children who may have a disability might find it hard to fit in or make friends.

If children are suffering from problems at home, then if a child attends a setting (nursery, school, youth clubs) then they could get social services involved which could then result in children taken into care. Another part of economic factors can include addictions, parents might have a drug addiction which would mean all the income being spend on drugs and then not being able to afford a house in a decent community, this could affect a childs development if they are living in cramped conditions or poor quality housing.

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