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Desciptive New York

New York is one of the United States most known cites.It is also known for it’s sights and attractions.New York has always been my second home since my first home (New Orleans) was struck by a natural disaster.

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Before I moved back to New Orleans I gained friendships and built on them. Ever since 2008 I’ve been vacationing in New York for at least one month in each summer. It’s something about that 2009 vacation I will never forget. It was overall fun and I had a blast. My 2009 vacation to New York was my best vacation because of the relationships I built on, the parties, and the fashion.

When I landed in New York in the summer of 2009 the atmoshpere just felt different. I seen so many people in the airport that I will probably never see again in my lifetime. I traveled to Brooklyn via train to check in to the place I would be staying the three weeks in New York. Where I was staying was my friend’s apartment that I stayed in the previous year I was there. He asked me to come stay with him for three weeks before he left for school. He wanted me record for his YouTube channel he called “HBTV” (Half-Breeds Televison).

I made an apperance in multiple episodes and directed some episodes. I relived my NYC hooping moments as well. My friend took me to some off our old hangout spots like the YMCA Gym. In there we use to play ball until the sun came up. We were so happy when we saw old faces that still worked at the gym. In there we went to adult night and had a loads of fun. I ended some nights with a nice home cooked meal from my friend’s mother. We were already best friends, but our bond grew tighter over the three weeks.

We were so close, we started finishing each other sentences. i told him if he was ever in New Orleans he would always have a place to stay . New York is also known as the city that never sleeps meaning the lights are always on throught out the city and the party never stops. The parties I went too were outstanding; I don’t think no party in my lifetime will over top those. The difference between New York parties and New Orleans parties is you don’t have to watch your back after the party is over.

What I mean by that is in New Orleans there is always violence during or after the party. i got expose to so many different cultures and I was expose to different music. I danced with so many different people, I also learned how to salsa dance. I met new people and I came out with a few numbers. I came to every party dry and ended up drinched in sweat by the end of the night. Every morning after parties we always discussed what happen that night, how much fun we had, and who did the funniest thing through out the party.

Fashion is a big part of New York City for years. Manhattan is a “fashion burough” in my own words because of a lot of big clothing companys have offices through out the burough. There are also a lot of clothing stores in New York City. When I travel to NYC I always visit Soho. Soho is a spot in Manhattan with some nice clothing spots. Before every party I had to get a new outfit from Soho. Seeing how the culture was in New York it changed my life. I saw everything from Nikes to Reeboks. I loved the fashion so much I adapted into my everyday living.

New York is one of the most known cities and is one of the best in my opinon. New York has the best everything from fashion to food. This trip to New York changed my life comepletly and gave me inspration. It’s the reason I decided to go to college to live my dream and one day live in New York again. Just breathing New York’s air felt good. Visiting New York City was my best vaction because of the parties, fashion, and the relationships I built on. If I could do it all over again I would.

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