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Deep Zone Book Report

Kyle Duncan 12-7-11 Book Report (Deep Zone) 3rd Block Plot Summary The characters are Thane, Ty, Troy, Tate, and Agent Sutherland.Ty is this story’s main character.Thane is his older brother and an NFL star.

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Ty meets Troy and Tate in Miami at the football tournament. Agent Sutherland is an FBI agent protecting Ty from the mob while Thane is away. The setting is in Miami and in the swamp. At the beginning of the story, they are at a football game, when Thane is going up for a touchdown pass to win the game.

He gets taken down by three people and tears his ACL. They are taken to the hospital and Ty is sad. They let Ty stay the night, but he has to go to school the next morning. He leaves the hospital and gets in his limo driver’s car. (Considering his brother is a professional football player). When he gets in, he notices a big man in a dark suit. He automatically thinks it is someone from the mob trying to hurt him to get to his uncle. He tries to jump out of the car fast but the man grabs him by the collar and yanked him back in cutting Ty’s hand open.

The man then explains that he is Agent Sutherland and apologizes for scaring him and cutting his hand. Agent Sutherland says that he’ll be watching Ty while his brother is in the hospital. In a few weeks Thane got out. Ty had 7-on-7 tryouts and he made the team. If the team won all of their playoff games they would get to play in Miami on Super Bowl Sunday. They won most of their games and got to go to Miami to play their playoff games. While down there, he met a girl that he liked named Tate. Unfortunately, Troy, her best friend, didn’t like Ty.

Troy was on a team that Ty would have to play if his team made it to the championship. One night, Tate and Troy were going to a party, so Ty begged Thane to let him go. Thane let him. They got dressed up and left. While there, Troy thought he saw his dad, who left him at a young age, and ran after him. Being curios, Ty ran after them. He ran until he saw them standing near the coast. Ty recognized one of the men with Troy and his dad as one of the mob members that he was being protected from. He started running back to the party, but someone grabbed him.

They threw him and Troy in to the boat and took them out into the swamp. While there, Tate tried to rescue them by bringing a boat that the two of them would drop down out of the window to. It was only a little canoe though. The two got into the canoe and started paddling back. They got halfway back and they heard a motor. It was the people from the mob, and they brought the three of them back to the swamp house. They sat there for a long time, and Ty knew he was going to die. Then, the door squeaked open, and a man with a knife entered.

Ty started freaking out, and when the blade touched his skin he started twitching uncontrollably. Then he heard Troy’s dad say, “Shh. I’m getting you out of here. ” The four of them got in the boat while the two mobsters were asleep and went back to the beach. The next day Ty’s team played Troy’s team in the championship. Ty’s team won, but Troy was not upset. The two were good friends now and talked a lot now. Troy talks about his uncle, who would have been a great NFL player if he hadn’t died his junior year of college in a car crash.

Ty tells how his mother had a brother that fits that description. Troy told him his name and they figured out they were cousins. At the end of the story, everyone says their goodbyes and they all go home. Character Analysis I am comparing Ty and Troy. Both of them play football, and both played on Super Bowl Sunday. Unfortunately, both boys have some connection with the mob. In football, Ty plays wide receiver, and Troy plays quarter back and safety. Ty is faster and has better hands, but Troy is still fast and he has football smarts.

He can read what you’re going to do before you know what you’re going to do. Both boys are from African descent. They both care greatly for Tate. Theme Analysis I think one theme of this story could be: do not judge a book by its cover. Troy didn’t like Ty when they first met, and it was for no reason. Once they went through the swamp experience, they grew closer and became good friends. Another example is Troy’s dad. Ty looked at him with those mobsters and thought he was going to kill him. But, after Troy’s dad saved them from the mobsters, he realized that he was a good guy in a bad position.

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