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They become group Of friends and they call it, "Alpha Solar". It was so overwhelming when someone treated you as their like best friends a long time ago. Their bonding was like sleeping in someone's house, reviewing and doing their projects in groups. One day, it was their Physical Education time. The classes where cut, because their professor was not able to teach them on the exact time. Their professor needs to be in the faculty area. Then suddenly, they are dismissed early.

While they are walking, Lea tried to imitate the ducklings in our campus. But, Sandra and Jessica didn't saw it. So, they run fast to get along with Lea and Bianca. Suddenly, some people where yelling and waving their hands on the second floor! Sandra and her friends were ashamed because, they are taking pictures of themselves and then they are watching! It's so annoying, because it's a group of boys! So, Sandra and Jessica sneaked out to see who the people were watching them. Then, they saw that the group of boys was too handsome, and Sandra was so shy when she saw them.

After that, they continue what they are doing. They take pictures of the ducklings, pictures of themselves, and also taking pictures of how happy they are. Since, after that, the six girls go upstairs to scold the boys who are sneaking and watching them taking pictures! Elaine said, "What are you doing? And why are you laughing on us? Is there something wrong of what we are doing? " Then one boy named Ian said, "No, we are not laughing of what you're doing! We are just staring to you because you are all beautiful. Especially that girl. " Then the boy pointed his hands to Sandra.

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So, Sandra just ignores them. But, there was a boy caught the attention of Sandra. It was the boy with too dimples on his cheeks, not as tall as Sandra was, but Sandra feels the beating of her heart. Then, Sandra says, "Who is that guy? The one with dimples. " She said it with a kind of shyness on her voice. Then the other boy shouted and said, "His name is Christian! " so, Sandra feels that, Oh, it was a beautiful name. Her friends were so shocked because they didn't expect that Sandra would ask for it. Elaine, Lea, Bianca and Jessica ask her, Jessica came first, Do you have a crush on him? Then, Lea was next. "Oh my gosh! Sandra? Are you blushing? ' Sandra can't answer the questions of them. But Elaine said, "Hey you guys! Meet us on our room on Monday! It's it the second floor! On the first room near the lobby! " and Bianca says, "Oh! Before we forgot, we are Psychology students! How about you guys? " then the boy named Christian answers, 'We are an Engineering students! " Sandra felt like dying. Because she didn't expect that her crush would answer. After that, the six girls walked on the lobby to go to the comfort room.

Jessica says, "Look, Sandra is still blushing until now! She can't recover on what was happen! " Then Sandra felt so glad and happy because of what was happen. Before they go home, someone was calling on the phone of Sandra. It was her stupid suitor whose going to fetch her from her school. Sandra says to her friends, "Hey, I'm going home. " Saying it with a low voice. "My suitor is going here to fetch me up. And feel like I'm not better being with him. I feel so lonely and annoyed and irritated! " Then Jessica told her that, "Don't let him fetch you! We are going home all together! Hen, Sandra do what her friends says. When Monday came, Sandra was hoping that the boys they saw the last time would arrive on the day and on the place they are meant to see each other. But, unfortunately the boys didn't arrive. Sandra felt disappointed on what was just happen. She didn't expect that it would happen. So she just smile to her friends and say "I'm okay girls. I just expect the things. " She immediately walked along the lobby to calm herself of what just happen. Then the bell rang, she hope that the boys would arrive. But, she saw nothing. The days pass.

The time flies so fast. Her suitor was all busted because she was expecting that she will see the boy again. She asks all the engineering students she knew. But, it makes her disappointed to herself because she never asked what the last name of the boy was! So, she tried to fix her problem. It was so shameful that she was asking a person without a complete name! And after that, she feels like there is no more hope on the both of them. She tried to give up. But, every time she saw a boy with dimples, it still pinching her heart that she must not give up on that person.

Because it was err first time to feel the beating of heart. She thinks that she fell in love on the first sight! Her friends didn't give up too. But they are looking for the boy too. They didn't tell it to Sandra just to surprise her. Then, her friends told her, "Sandra, there are still ways on how you can see each other again. Don't give up easily! Don't be sad okay? We are here for you. " Then, it was Saturday. They are early dismissed by their NEST professor. While walking on the 4th floor on the Areola building, Lea shouted, "Sandbar! Christian was in that room! Go ahead and take a look!

Sandra runs immediately to go to that room. She saw the boy. And she didn't expect it. After it, Sandra and Christian talk to each other. Christian tell her that she was so confused on how he will find Sandra on the social media. Then Sandra confidently said, "l was so sad on how I'm going to find you too. Because, I don't know what is your full name. " Christian whisper on her "You are so beautiful. I didn't expect that you will find and search for me. " It was the day that Sandra was waiting for. She didn't expect for the unexpected things. She never let to lose again the boy.

So she opens her feelings on the boy. Then, the boy tells her that he feel the same way that Sandra was feeling. Then, after a month, Christian do the moves. He started to fell in love with Sandra. They become friends, best friends, and now lovers. She thank her friends now, because, without them Sandra wouldn't feel what she's feeling right now. Sandra and Christian were married after 8 years of being together. They never expect it, but it was the best days of Sander's life. After their marriage, they have 2 children. And now they are still happy living together.

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