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Creation, the Fall, and the Journey of Redemption

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Describe how the architecture and rituals associated with early catholic cathedrals represent the Creation, the Fall, and the journey of Redemption that leads back to the presence of God. Include in your essay a discussion of the east-west orientation of the cathedral, the atrium, the baptistery or baptismal font, anointing, and the symbolic layout of the structure. Creation begins with the fall and continues as a journey towards redemption through the resurrection. Catholics are well known for their elaborate Cathedrals. Some are so famous that people travel from all over the world to admire its artistic workmanship.

In Christianity the Catholic denomination is the largest denomination. The leader being the Pope who lives in Rome, Italy. The Catholic Church with their symbols can be related closely to that of what is found in LDS symbols. Many of the most sacred of ceremonies from these two religions are closely alike. This is due because they both originate from Hebrew origins in symbolic meaning behind the ceremonies. Cathedrals and LDS Temples can be related as a house here on earth dedicated to God. Cathedrals were set apart with the best the people had to offer.

Examples of materials used to build the Cathedrals were purple, purple die was the most expensive dye in previous times, blue dye, red dye, silver, and gold. The stained glass and wall art was used to tell the stories of creation, struggles, faith, hope, and redemption. We can relate this to LDS temples because we try to build temples with only the best of materials. It is filled as white, blue, and gold linings. Temples are usually eloquent but they try to avoid from over expressing beauty in the temple and keep in clean. This is because one theme of LDS temples is clean.

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It is a place where clean beings can dwell, for example, God and even our souls because of the redemption power of God. Endless novels have been written about the fall. Perhaps the biggest change that has happened in the Catholic Church is when the ordinance of baptism started changing over time. Sometimes the change is a good thing because God will’s it. An example of this is when Joseph Smith first gave the temple ceremonies and ordinances it took 6 hours for the endowment session. Things are much different today. Other times things change because with time we forget, or at the very least we unknowingly change things.

I remember a story when because of wars some LDS churches in Germany worked as best as they could under the circumstances. Eventually when the war was done and higher LDS officials were able to come into Germany and visit the Saints something astonishing happened. It had only been a matter of a few years and yet the way the Sacrament was being administered was not in line with the Church guidelines. Talk to Brother Openshaw on campus if you want a more credible and full detailed account of this story. The Journey of Redemption is all encompassing. I believe that everything in this mortal life has a creation, fall, and eventual redemption.

The articles we read this week made strong bridges showing that Cathedrals perhaps paved the way for eventual LDS temples to be built. On a side note I find it to be a testimony builder for there to be so many similarities between LDS temples and the Catholic Church. It is true that we have more common than we do in difference. I believe God influences everyone around the world regardless of their religion. So when another group of people who are separate from us have so many of the same beliefs it gives me comfort knowing that God loves all men and women, and He reaches out to teach us and loves us all.

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