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Cosi character profiles and backdrops

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The main once is obviously the theatre but the more in depth backgrounds Is the movement of the people In the real world. The Vietnam Moratorium, which was fighting for the government to return all the troops from the Vietnam War and the Sexual Revolution, which was a social movement that fought against the traditional codes towards to sexual relationships. The Vietnam Moratorium The moratorium was a mass demonstration against involvement in the Vietnam War.

The demonstration took place throughout the US on October 1 5th, 1969 Jerome Groomsman's call for a general strike, if the war was still going by October, is what sparked the moratorium movement. It was announced In December of 1969, that not only would American troops would be brought home, but one Australian troop would also be brought home towards the middle of 1970. This of course did not stop the moratorium movement. Australian demonstrators continued to make plans for more rallies and continued to demand the removal of all the troops.

The strength of the moratorium movement greatly shocked the Australian government. They were shocked at the level of anti- AR and even anti-government feeling that was spreading throughout the country. The third moratorium in June 1971 closed the Centre. In Melbourne, on 30 June 1971, there was march of nearly 100,000 people. By this time public opinion was beginning to turn decisively against conscription and Australian involvement in the war. Sexual Revolution The sass's were also known as a time of 'Sexual Liberation'. They fought for the acceptance of sex outside of heterosexual and marriages.

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Their aim was to make contraception, public nudity, premarital sex and homosexuality all normal. This also included the legalization of abortion. A new, sexualities popular culture swung into Australian life in the sass's, and it seemed everyone wanted to be apart of it. Watching a porn film at the local movie theatre and looking through a sex advice manual in public were both markers that the Sexual Revolution was taking action. An outgrowth of the countercultures began with casting aside traditional sexual restraints and gave the starting gun to a decade of eroticism and experimentation.

Australians broke many sexual rules during this era including interracial dating, open homosexuality, communal living, casual nudity and dirty language. Sexual activity mongo the younger generations sparked widely as well. Designers also took advantage of the new era by producing mini skirts, hot pants, halter-tops and clothes designed to show off a woman's body. "Coos fan Tutee" was an opera that was written by Mozart and was first performed in 1790 is based on a pair of male friends that test their girlfriend's loyalty to their relationships.

The name roughly translates to "Women are like that". The name suggests that the opera is about how women are unable to stay faithful to their beloved and often go around with other men behind the back of their relationships. The first performance was held in Vienna and since 1790 the opera has been revamped to sometimes more modern themes and held in theatres all over the world. Louis Anorak's semi-autobiographical play, Coos is a touching portrayal of the opera that is acted by patients in a Melbourne mental institution.

All of these themes are incorporated into the play that Lewis wrote based on his experiences during the moratorium and the sexual revolution about Coos fan Tutee. They all tie in together and they all make their own parallel to Lewis and his life; they all have a habit of getting in the way. Many of the patients are very passionate about the events occurring outside their asylum walls, as it is the only thing they have to concentrate on, so it seems they put all their time and effort into creating something beautiful. Julies character is significant in a number of ways.

Firstly, she is very opposed to the idea of love. She always thought that love was being foolish and stupid. " IN another example, Julie and Lucy aver very similar. Julie says about men and fidelity: "l don't like men's double standards, I guess. Men want women to deceive them because it will prove their worst thoughts about women. Whereas Lucy believes that men wasn't women to "pretend they're true and faithful. " Julie in a small way is an alternated version of Lucy who Just happens to be living in a mental asylum. She is a character who brings Lewis into a new and strange world.

Cosi character profiles and backdrops essay

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