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Control Mehanism Paper

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Control Mechanisms Deanna Sapata, Erik Morris, Patricia Johnson, and Bruchella Pitts MGT/330 November 26, 2012 University of Phoenix Control Mechanisms Within any organization it needs a form of control. Without control the organization cannot flourish its possibilities and success. There are times situations will get out of control in different departments of the organization. With the help of control mechanisms like market control, feedback control, concurrent control, and feedforward control with the right person in management the situations will be handled. Effectiveness

Apple’s organization basically uses a bureaucratic control and market control mechanism, which is controlled in all the operations in Apple’s organization by the CEO, in which used to be Steve jobs but Tim Cook is his predecessor as CEO. There are four types of specific control mechanisms in Apple, such as a feed-forward, concurrent, market, and feedback controls. The feed-forward control mechanism in apple’s organization is very effective, this organization is a system of innovation and differentiation in which a feed-forward control mechanism would benefit this organization tremendously.

This is because Apple’s system is on meeting the customers’ needs and wants and prediction of their future wants and needs and ability to determine functionality of the operations of their organization is crucial to this success. A feed-forward control mechanism lays out all rules and regulations in all of the organizations operations and employee based decisions and activities, Apple is an organization based on control and effectiveness if this control.

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Apples use of a concurrent control mechanism is one of their primary focuses because the focus is on environment awareness of the products in the process of the manufacturing, transportation, product use, recycling, and facilities. A concurrent control in the oversight of the use of greenhouse gas emissions in the process of the production of their products in which they call a Comprehensive Life Cycle Analysis (Apple, 2012). Apple needs to have eyes on the production cycle to monitor the arbon emitted in the production of their products, so a concurrent control mechanism is one of their primary focuses in their company and meeting the needs of their clients worldwide. Another main focus of Apple’s organization is their marketing strategies, a market control mechanism. A market control Mechanism has a focus on the price competition of the other major competitor corporations, in which is another of Apple’s focuses.

Apple strives to be the best in all operations and in marketing they are constantly competing with other multi- million corporations. A feedback control mechanism has to do with the feedback the organization gets back on processes and operations in an organization. This is the driving force of Apple, to be the most innovative and to maintain a differentiation aspect they must rely on the feedback they receive in all departments and operations in their organization.

They rely on their financial, marketing, service, production, and environment awareness to be the reason that the client chooses Apple’s products over Apple’s competitors product’s, and Apple becomes the number one organization globally as the go to in products. All four of these mechanisms have a positive effect on the four functions of management. Feedforward control is a mechanism that handles the operations and procedures and makes sure the operation and procedures are done the correct way. By using this mechanism it stops a problem before it can arise.

Feedforword is a very important mechanism to have when dealing with an operation like Apple. Technology is the main source of communication and running businesses along with many other things feedforward would work with any company. No one wants to have problems with the departments of their company, to avoid any problems feedforward would be the right tool to use. Then there is the market control mechanism that uses a tool called pricing mechanism to control the activities within the organization like they are economic transactions.

The market mechanism is an awesome tool to have because confused output can be identified and market can be set up between parties. Concurrent control is a mechanism that occurs when plans are being carried out such as directing, monitoring, and fine-tuning. One more control mechanism is the feedback control that happens when the performance data have been collected and examine and is given to make corrections through someone or something. All four of these control mechanisms are very ffective within an organization. I don’t believe that a negative affect will occur because the controlled mechanisms are needed to control the functions of the organization. Just like the four functions of management are needed to establish the success of a company the control mechanisms are needed too. Apple is worldwide company that has the hart of many consumers, customers, and inverters without the four functions of management and control mechanisms Apple would not hart of its customers.

Because Apple is so successful all of these control mechanisms are required along with the four functions of management. Steve Jobs was the CEO of Apple Inc. before he died he was a man that took his job seriously. If Steve Jobs did not care about how his company was ran it would not have the success it does today. Steve made sure that he set performance standards and took action when the performance was not the way he wanted it to be. This is all about controlling what goes on within the organization to be successful.

Control Mehanism Paper essay

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