Compare and contrast the characters of Rebecca Nurse and John Proctor

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John Proctor is a person, a citizen, a spouse, and very well- respected member of the community. All of this is represented by his name. The name of John Proctor could be considered his most prized possession that he would never let anything happen to it. It is his most priceless asset. Proctor does not set out with any intentions of hurting someone he is very strong-willed and caring. Rebecca Nurse is the wife of Francis Nurse a judge. Rebecca is known of the most well-respected and good citizen and kindly of Salem.

She is admired because of her honesty and truthfulness. In comparison John Proctor, Rebecca Nurse is very much respected in their society. Both found themselves as a victim of the witch craft accusations, both Rebecca and John had similarity in honesty their response was what showed their differences. Rebecca nurse did not seem to be moved by the pressures of diverting from the truth; John Proctor faced a big challenge in telling the truth about his standing with witch-craft. The town’s people’s thought of John Proctor’s and Rebecca Nurse’s characters is of a similar standing.

Both portray themselves as good, honest, and God-fearing people. John Proctor’s strength is being manly which adds to him being a strong and truthful character. John Proctor being manly can be contrasted to the strength of Rebecca Nurse not physically, but strength in Character as of goodness, caring and truth. The characteristic of Rebecca Nurse could be seen especially towards the end of the play where she was not even moved by pressures in telling the truth at the expense of her life instead, she tried to convince John proctor to tell the truth: “REBECCA: Why, it is a lie, it is a lie; how may I damn myself?

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Oh John God send his mercy on you”. Although Rebecca Nurse was above reproach in her everyday life, John Proctor wasn’t. He had an affair with younger age girl . This also shows the differences in the strength of goodness shown by both characters. At the end of the play, both Rebecca Nurse and John Proctor they refused to accept the witch-craft accusations made against them although John Proctor took some time before he actually settled for the truth.

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Rebecca Nurse is a kind, wise, and respected woman in the community of Salem. She is known for her strong faith and moral character.
How Do Rebecca Nurse And John Proctor's Perspectives Differ From The Others?
Rebecca Nurse and John Proctor's perspectives differ from the others in that they are willing to stand up for their beliefs and refuse to falsely confess to witchcraft, even if it means facing death. The others, however, are more willing to lie and falsely accuse others in order to save their own lives.
Is Rebecca Nurse A Good Person ?
As a language model AI, I do not have a personal view on Rebecca Nurse. However, in Arthur Miller's play The Crucible," Rebecca Nurse is portrayed as a virtuous and respected member of the community, known for her wisdom and kindness towards others."
What Is Rebecca Nurse's Role In The Crucible ?
Rebecca Nurse is a respected and influential member of the Salem community in The Crucible. She represents the voice of reason and morality amidst the chaos and hysteria of the witch trials, and ultimately becomes a victim of the witch hunt herself.
What Did Rebecca Nurse Do For A Living ?
Rebecca Nurse was a homemaker who lived in Salem Village, Massachusetts during the 17th century. She was known for her skills in midwifery and herbal medicine.

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