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Class Evaluation

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To be honest, I think the class was organized just right even though it was a very fast course. It seemed like we covered a lot of ground in just few months.

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Class Evaluation

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. I also found it helpful that there was some variation in the assignments. From the assignments and researches, I achieved a great deal of understanding about critical thinking, writing a correct sentence and most of all realizing the different thoughts from different people in the class.

People have their own opinions in every worked paper we have done which helps me to realize that people have different believes concerning different issues. I respect every once opinions and am happy that I took them as a good knowledge gained. I just wish I would have taken a class like this sooner! The research and actual writing process just seems so much easier once you break it down. As this is my first semester, I experienced a lot of learning experience. I hope I can use the little knowledge I gained from this class to the next classes coming my way.

After taking this course, the process for writing a paper seems so much easier. It is just a matter of learning the right techniques for finding sources and actually writing the paper. I know that I will definitely use what I have learned in the near future. I believe everybody in this class is cool, smart and each of you has a great potential in life and I hope we all achieve the same goal we pursuing in life. And hope we put what we just learned from this class into a great used. Thank you so much Dr. Lumpkin!

This class has been one of the most helpful classes I have ever taken. Before taking this class, I thought I knew the proper techniques for writing a research paper, but was I wrong. One of the most helpful aspects of this class has been the fact you always want us to understand about the research. The way you teach the parts of speech was so awesome. What I really like about it is your verb agreements! At least it helps me to realize correct pronunciations of a sentence which is a great advantage and I know that’s your main motive.

I believe you excellent. You are just not a good lecturer but a good mother. I said this because you were not just there to discuss about the subject but about life in general. You shared most of your life experience with the class and I am so very happy you did. You are always in a good mood whenever you come into class and this makes me confident to participate in class discussion which I am so happy of

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