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Civil Rights Movement Essay

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Civil Rights essay "l have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true mea inning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be selflessness: that all men are created equal. Martin Luther King Jar. The Congress of Racial Equality or CORE is an American civil rights organization n that played a major role for Fragmentariness in the Civil Rights Movement. Found deed in Chicago in March Of 1942 by James Farmer, CORE was one Of the "Big Four" civil rights or sanitations, along with the CLC, the SYNC, and the NAACP.

CORE did many things that we re important to the civil rights movement including Freedom Rides, desegregating Chicago schools, and the Freedom Summer. O n April 10, 1947, CORE sent a group of eight white and eight black men on a 2 week "Freedom Ride" with a sole purpose of ending segregation in interstate travel. The riders of this group were arrested and jailed several times, but they received a great deal of publicity, and this marked the beginning of a long series of similar campaigns.

By the early 1960 s, Farmer desired to repeat the 1 947 journey, developing a new name for it: the Freedom Ride. On Maya, 1961, volunteers journeyed to the deep South, this time including women. The rider s endured severe violence. White mobs attacked Freedom Riders in Birmingham and Month ere. The violence caught national attention, sparking a summer of similar rides by other Civil Ri sights organizations and thousands of ordinary citizens. In 1 960, CORE began to challenge racial segregation in the public schools of C hijack.

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Black schools were in poorer neighbors of Chicago and white schools were in richer parts. Many segregated schools were overcrowded, and in order to ease overcrowding, the e Board instituted doublethink's at some of the schools. Doublethink's meant that students in fee acted schools attended less than a full day of class. Less school meant that Africanizing children would be receiving less education. CORE was not pleased with the results so they pr tested, along with the Chicago community.

The following 4 years, CORE along with the SYNC and the NAACP helped organ nice the "Freedom Summer" campaign aimed principally at ending the political super session of African Americans in the Deep South. CORE, SYNC and COIF also built 30 Freedom S schools in towns throughout Mississippi. Volunteers taught in the schools and the curriculum n owe included black history. These Freedom Schools were often targets of white mobs. So were the e homes of African Americans involved in the campaign.

That summer 30 black homes and 37 blab KC churches were firebombed. Over 80 volunteers were beaten by white mobs and three CORE activists were murdered by the K on June 21 SST, 1964. These deaths created nationwide PU ability for the campaign. As you can see, life was very difficult during the Civil Rights movement for Afar can Americans living in the Deep South. Thanks to organizations like CORE and AN CAP, life may have seemed hard and it may have been a struggle to live back in the day, Afar can Americans still had hope.

Civil Rights Movement Essay essay

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