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Child’s Development at Different Age

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At 3 months babies will start to notice objects around them like mobiles above beds, TV's, lamps tables etc. At months babies will start to explore toys passing them from one hand to the next and exploring it with their mouths too. Babies will start to smile back at smiling faces at around 3 months at around 6 months babies start to show that they are understanding dome of what is being said for instance they may start to lift arms in the air to communicate that they would like to be picked up.

Babies at between 3 and 6 months will be settling into a good routine which will have a balance of both inpatient and play time spending lots of time smiling and playing with career 6-12 MONTHS At this stage babies will be becoming mobile, crawling bum shuffling and at closer to 1 2 months maybe cruising using furniture to help stable themselves s they move around on their feet and possibly walking freely. Babies will becoming more independent at trying to feed themselves using fingers and possibly with spoons. Babies at this stage will still be exploring objects with hands and mouth exploration may happen for longer periods of times.

When children start to reach the 12 months they will start to recognize symbols do routine water running for baths bib at food time etc. At this stage children will start to understand some key words like bottle, dinner. There babbling will become longer and more tuneful they may start to point to object to express to adults that they want it. At this age children start to understand that objects and people do not disappear this means that when main careers disappear they may become upset and cry they may try to stay close to main career they may become anxious if strangers approach then. -2 YEARS By 1 8 month children have found their feet and are moving with speed, they will enjoy playing with ride-on toys using legs to push off. And enjoy playing push/ pull toys pushing cars down ramps etc. At closer to 2 children are likely to start explore to climbing things such as chairs, tables and the stairs. Children at this age will use children's cutlery (spoon and fork) to try to independently feed themselves although may not always be successfully and may make a mess. Children at this age enjoy repetitive games and posting Or pop up toys.

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At closer to 2 they may start playing with building block building 1 ,2,3 block tower, and certainly enjoy knocking it down. They may start to do simple puzzles. And even start to play pretend. The language of children at this age will change from babbling to some recognizable words, at the age of around 2 they are likely to have a vocabulary of round 200 words generally Ames of people and objects. They will communicate times of frustration and anger when they cannot achieve what they want or do what they want with tantrums and emotional.

They will also communicate happiness with squeals smiles and laughter Children display lots of emotion at this age laughter smiles and squeals for happiness. Temper, tantrums and emotional outbreaks when they are frustrated and/or angry. They start to notices other children around them although will not pay directly with them but alongside then (parallel play). YEARS Children at this age are exploring climbing to get to things they may want e. G. Boning chair to climb on and get things. They will try to peddle tricycles and use their feet if they find it too difficult.

They will become able to walk up stairs using alternate feet. Their cutlery skills will increase and will star to use knife and fork possibly cutting softer foods for themselves. During this period children generally learn to potty train and are usually quite independent by 4 Children at this age enjoy role play and small world toys recreating scenes that they have witnesses and taken part in. They become interested in books and story, messy play and mark making and often by 4 give meanings to hose marks at 4 children will hold their concentration if the activity interests them.

At children start to join word e. G. "mummy gone" "my toy" and at 3/4 generally children's speech is understandable and children are starting to form sentences. Children can communicate feelings and emotions. Children still enjoy adult interaction story cuddles and play. Children develop and interests in their peers and start to play along, side them happily sometimes copying and mimicking some of the things they observe. Cooperative play will start to emerge. Children can express themselves verbally so tantrums start o become less frequent.

Children become less apprehensive about main career leaving although still like to be in the company of familiar adults. Children at 2 have no understanding of right and wrong but understand the word NO. As children turn 3 they will start to understand and follow simple rules most of the time. 4-7 YEAR Physical development at this age progresses slower. Children are able to kick, catch and control balls. Children are also mastering their fine motor skills doing threading, cutting starting to write recognizable letters and words and at 5/6 handwriting becomes more legible.

Children's concentration is increasing. They are able to count and do simple calculations. Children will start to read and be able to do free writing in sentences. Children enjoy engaging in games which have rules. Children at this age ask lots of questions and enjoy talking they start to enjoy making and hearing jokes. Children will start to decode words. Children play well with their peers in cooperative play although the odd augment will still arise. Friends are important to children at this age and they make preferences with their peers creating 'best friends'.

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