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Children`s Learning and Development In the Early Years

Department of Care and Professional Studies Edexcel Level 3 for Children and Young People’s Workforce Unit 13 Promoting Children’s Learning and Development in the Early Years Assignment Task 1 Direct Observation and Professional discussion Assessment Criteria (Unit 13) 1.3explain how the documented outcomes are assessed and recorded 2.2engage effectively with children to encourage the child’s participation and involvement in planning their own learning and development activities.

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3. 2prepare, set out and support activities and experiences that encourages learning and development in each area of the relevant early years framework 4. work alongside children, engaging with them in order to support their learning and development 4. 3 use language that is accurate and appropriate in order to support and extend children’s learning when undertaking activities While on work experience you will be visited by your tutor/teacher who will observe your practice to determine your competency. Your tutor will observe you and record your performance and where it meets the criteria listed above it will be recorded on the ‘Direct Observation’ pages in your Professional Practice Log.

All observed criteria will be credited to you. In some cases where a criteria has not been full demonstrated through observation, the visiting teacher will ask you an oral question or hold a professional discussion with you to enable you to fully meet that criteria. This discussion will also be recorded in your Professional Practice Log but on the ‘Professional Discussion’ page and where competency is confirmed you will credited with the criteria, Task 2 – Underpinning Knowledge Evidence Assessment criteria (Unit 13) 1. explain each area of the areas of learning and development and how these are interdependent Assessment criteria (Unit 12) 1. 1explain the legal status and principles of the relevant early years framework/s, and how national and local guidance materials are used in settings Scenario You have been asked to prepare an information pack for the new students who will be starting your setting next term. You should provide guidance which explains the following : a)The purpose and legal status of the early years frameworks and how it relates to achievement of the Every Child Matters Outcomes (Unit 12 – criteria 1. ) (Unit 13 – criteria 1. 2) b) Provide explanations of each area of learning and development identifying their interdependency. Internally verified _______________________________ Date ______________ Task 3 Promoting Children’s Learning and Development This task links to your practical placement. The play and learning activities that you carry out while in each of your placements will be used to meet the assessment criteria for this task Assessment criteria (Unit 13) 2. use different sources to plan work for individual child or group of children 2. 2support the planning cycle for children’s learning and development 3. 1explain how practitioners promote children’s learning within the relevant early years framework. 4. 2explain the importance of engaging with a child to support sustained shared thinking 5. 1 reflect on your own practice in supporting learning and development of children in their early years. 5. 2 demonstrate how to use reflection to make changes in own practice

In each of your three placements, following consultation with your supervisor, you will plan, provide and evaluate five learning activities/experiences that promote children’s learning and development. For each activity you must show the flowing:- ?your planning (criteria 2. 1;) ?evaluation of the child/children’s learning outcome with recommendations for extending the child/children’s learning (criteria 3. 1; 4. 2. ) ? evaluation of your plan with recommendations for improvement and changes to your own practice (criteria 2. 2; 5. 1; 5. 2)

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