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Children Are Not Using Their Imagination

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Children Are Not Using their Imagination Growing up, as a child in the mid 80’s and the entire 90’s there wasn’t the holding back children’s imagination, sky was the limit; G. I. Joe, Barbie, E-Z bake oven, and the ever so classic Brite-Lite LED art kit. With their imagination, a child could become an intergalactic alien slayer, or the parent of a tear shedding cabbage patch doll. A technological advancement was created that enslaved and dumb down America’s children. Now it is high definition, 1080p, brain sucking, button smashing video games, Children are not using their imagination nowadays.

When growing you were staring at a 32 inch box that projected the latest and greatest of Barbie’s addition to her wardrobe and her band new pink convertible car. You imagine that you were part of Barbie’s network with her lavish life style and cool friends. Then after you begged, borrowed, and bartered with your parents to buy the plastic doll; that you almost traded your soul for. Once you got what you wanted the joke was on your parents. All those chores you promised you would do was being push aside by the make believe shopping spree and party you and Barbie had to go.Simply you were consumed by your imagination. Innocent it seems but as a child you were exercising your imagination.

Today children are not utilizing their full potential. Parents purchase a simple disc that provides hour and hours of baby-sitting, so they think. Video games provide a false reality for children, keeping them glue to the couch and staring into the tiny pixel of a flat screen T. V. Children are being called to duty, shooting a Soviet AK-47 from the comfort of their daddy’s lazy boy, making casualties of pixel being force fed full metal jackets.Do you really want your child to know how many rounds a M1911 pistol hold after they expended their primary weapon? This is what your child is playing on that video game you buy them. They are not using their imagination but just playing a role in a video game.

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A child’s imagination is important because it is the foundation of brain development. How do you help your children to use their imagination? Simple enough a Lego set would help your child so they can develop creativity and their imagination. They would use their motoring skill and reasoning. This is much healthier than giving your child a video game.Even though a child imagination is not a tangible item that you can measure, you can be the catalyst just by reading to a child and then you open a gateway of creativity. The problem is not with the children it lies with good parenting and supervision for a healthy start. The constant change in technology is evitable.

We need to stray away from 128 bit video games and just give children a chance to explore their imagination. Even though our childhood has come and gone. We cannot falter forget they sometimes you need to just keep it simple. Let the child entertain themselves.

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