Cheerios commercial

This commercial was different than any other cheerios commercial because it involved an interracial couple and their mixed daughter. In the video, you see the little girl and her mother sitting at the table. The girl starts off by saying “mom, dad said cheerios were good for your heart is that true? ” The mother replies, “Cheerios has healthy grains and it helps with cholesterol so that’s heart healthy. ” The little girl smirks and walks away.

The next scene you see the dad sleeping on the ouch with a whole bunch of cheerios on top of his heart. This video received a lot of backlash on Youth about this interracial couple. One stereotypical thing that was portrayed was the fact that people refer to African Americans as having a lot of heart problems because of what they eat. The little girl obviously understood that and wanted her dad to be healthier by placing the cheerios on his heart. This of course was frowned upon because not all African Americans have heart problems. Cheerios ended up banning the commercial and they then recreated a new one with the same family.

The second commercial involved the dad telling the daughter that her mother was pregnant by using cheerios and in the end she says she would like a dog if she’s getting a new baby brother. I feel as though the racial issues African Americans have gone through in the past still do somewhat exist. There are constantly so many stereotypes being made about African Americans. People are ignorant and they are so quick to Judge someone’s culture without actually knowing anything about it. I myself am married to an African American man and our children are also mixed but he does not have heart problems nor does anybody in his family.

Most categorize people by color and culture but that does not mean that we are all the same. Though slavery was overruled in 1865 and segregation ended in 1964, there are still people out there who believe in it. When people saw this commercial of the interracial couple, the people who don’t necessarily like or believe in interracial couples also had some things to say about the video. Some of them said they would no longer eat cheerios because of knowing an interracial couple does or was even in the commercial.

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