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Characters in Hamlet

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What is the difference between a comedy, tragedy, and history? Define catharsis, hubris, and nemesis. What is the relationship between these words? What are the characteristics of a tragedy? Define dramatic irony and soliloquy. Discuss the importance of dialogue in the play.  What mood, or atmosphere, does Shakespeare establish in scene 1? Which details hell p create this mood? In scene 2 and Aphelion's interaction with P loons In scene 3- How are these Interactions related and how are they dollars? Act II In the opening scene of Act II how does Polonium want Reynolds to check on Learner's conduct? What does this instruction suggest about Polonium's character. Aphelia tells Polonium what took place when Hamlet visited her. Explain why this pass age is an example of dramatic irony.

In line 246 of scene 2, Hamlet says to Guilelessness, "Denmark a prison. " Explain that remark in the context of Hamlet's present situation, considering also the role of Restaurants and Gu Identities. The play discussed by Hamlet and the players tells the story of Papyrus seeking reeve GE on Pram. What are the parallels between this tale and Hamlet's own quest for revenge? At the end of Act II, Hamlet reveals his plan for testing Classis's guilt. Why might SSH Shakespeare have chosen to have him use a theatrical performance for this purpose?

 What conclusions can you draw from their interaction? Analyze the importance of Hamlet's soliloquy in Act Ill Scene 1 . What is Hamlet consist erring during this soliloquy? Consider the eloquence of his speech, the specific wording that he uses, hi s sufferings during his life, Hamlet's mental state, etc. How do the events In this act drive the plot forward? You will need to be able to put the major events of this Act In order. Act IV Hamlet sends two letters announcing his return to England. E to Horopito and one to Shakespeare have chosen to have him send the letter to Horopito even though it is not needed to advance the plot? Hamlet as already confided to his mother at the end of Act Ill that Restaurants and G elderliness have been assigned to lead him into a trap. What does it suggest about his character that he now appears eager to go with him? Claudia describes an elaborate scheme to kill Hamlet. What advantages does this SC hem have for both him and Alerter? Based on what has happened so far in the play, what disadvantage of the scheme?

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Why does Hamlet quarrel with Alerter at Aphelion's grave? What does this conflict Clara FYI about his feelings? As he is dying, Hamlet urges Horopito to stay alive and tells his story, why is this so imp rotator Hamlet? You will need to be able to put the major events of this Act in order. How are these themes shown in Hamlet? (Themes include: Revenge, Fate, and The Human Condition) You will need to look at specific quotations that we discussed in class - be able to discuss who said the quote and what the significance of the quote is.

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