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Catch Us If You Can

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With close reference to the novel that you have read, discuss how courage is shown by one of the characters. In the novel “Catch Us If You Can”, the character who shows courage is Rory. Rory handles challenges with courage. No fear will ever deter him from being separated from his Granda. He had to risk the dangers from being caught as well as other problems that come his way. Firstly, a boy in his early teens, Rory has the courage to take care of his grandfather all by himself.

It is not easy for him because he has to balance between school and taking care of his Granda who is getting more forgetful. It is not easy for a young boy to carry such a heavy responsibility. In addition, when they are separated, Rory plans an escape. At times, he feels like giving up, but courage kept him going. He knows he must be strong and brave to withstand the hardship of the Great Escape. He rescued Granda from Rachnadar and never looked back.

Then, another example of courage portray by Rory was when Granda fails to wake up on top of the hill. Rory had to be bravely run for help where he knocks on a stranger’s door. For a young boy to do that is indeed very courageous thing. Throughout their journey going through the escape, I learnt that Rory is indeed very brave. He did not fear the unknown, caring for his aged grandfather while running from the authorities. He showed courage right from the beginning till the end.

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