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Case Study I: Dutiful Daughters

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Case Study I: Dutiful Daughters


1.      How can Helen expand the business successfully without losing the personal touch?

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In this case, it was noted that Helen shall develop her business as the advisors recommend like;  [Pat1]

She shall communicate her business policy to the staff which she wants to focus on the clients perceptual and set her business as the high standard. The business mission shall be established including the business plan and business strategic.[Pat2]

When she wants to expand the business, she needs more supporters such as accountants, manager, marketing staff and etc. The accountants will help her about accounting activities. The managers will support to manage the carers schedule, contract with government or external communication etc. Marketing people can do and implement her business plan. She must recruit more staff to substitute and do her jobs. The human resource planning shall be applied to increase number of staff including the recruitment strategies.

Helen should use her personal knowledge and skill to train her employees especially about the service mind, customer focus, special duties which are very useful and important for her business.

Dutiful Daughter must apply to use the advertisement to communicate her business to the public. The advertisement that could be used i.e. newspaper, magazines, sign board, word of mount, radio, internet and etc. An award which her gain from can use the positive

In additional Helen have a good opportunity because she leave on the uptown zone of Sydney that is the place which Helen can meet her target customers.[Pat3]

2.      Construct a Job Description for a new employee responsible mainly for the personal care of clients for Dutiful Daughters.

Job description
Job Title
Personal Carer/Aged Carer
Report To
Carer Manager and/or Supervisors
Work Time
Part-time/Full-time  - 5 shift/week
Job Purpose
To provide of care, companionship and home support to clients in their daily living which are able to respond to the individual needs of clients.
Job Duties
Provide assist to the clients

respite care /overnight care / personal care
meal preparation, prepare beverages and snacks
assistance with recreational or social activities
go to shopping and/or go to theatre
assistance with household correspondence and accounts
to be a driver or deliver the disable/aged
to attend personal appointments
to take a client out to lunch for a birthday or other special occasion.
to bring patients home from hospital
Internally ,relate with carer manager ,Externally, may contract with disable/aged clients
Excellent in human relations, Good communication ,Have some experience with personnel care
Preferred some experience as carer, nurse, cook, driver or similar
Problem Solving
Have ability to rate to aged person with work under pressure

Personal Attributes
Empathy with the Aged, Have a positive attitude to work and relationships with others, Able to work as the team member
To Provide the personnel care to others including cleaning

can drive (with licence), can cooking skill
Special Job
Understand and sympathetic to the Aged, Ability to accept    comment from manager
Employees = 50 , Sales =  AUD$ 1.0 million,  Location: Sydney[Pat4]

What type of potential employees would be most attracted to work for Dutiful Daughters? How could they most effectively be recruited?[Pat5]


      Helen began the Dutiful Daughters by her knowledge and skills as a nurse so that the prospect employees that are suitable for join the dutiful daughter should be the nurses, assistant in nursing, enrolled nurses and personal carers including the people who caring others.

However, the Dutiful Daughters has many kind of services such as the personal assistants, driver and cooks, hence potential employees can be students, cooks, unemployed, single mother, retrying, international students, immigration,  pregnant women, drivers and people who want to work part-time.

There are many ways to recruit those people to join Helen‘s company. Helen may develop her website to attract the students and people who search the job on internet. An online application form her webpage should be investigated.

The word of mouth are the good opportunity for communicate in those group of people like a hospital, church, university and community clubs etc. The people on the same group such as nurses, club members and etc may apply when their friend told, received the direct mails, the notice board on campus about Dutiful Daughters.

The signs or billboard also can be helped Helen to get much employee from students dome, apartments or studio. It would be effective, when advertisement were applied like the newspapers, magazines, billboard or leaflet including radio.

The recruitment agencies are the right solution to find much people as Helen‘s need, there are many agencies which can offer more employees as she want with little fee. Some of agencies can provide the recruitment via the internet.

What would you consider to be the critical selection criteria for new employees that an interview panel needs to focus on?


As reviewing Dutiful Daughter website, Helen was seeking staffs that are honest, compassionate, warm, friendly, empathetic to people, able to work independently, punctual and reliable with good communication skills. They shall be able to work with her caring and organization cultures. The personal characteristics should be matched with their duties for example in some case they must strong enough to carry aged people.

An important criteria is the service mind because Dutiful Daughter’s strategies is focus on the quality of service so the people who may join with her shall be have more skill or personal characteristics for caring of others, tolerance, humanity and patient. It will be good, if those people have the references or experiences support that relate to this work.

Helen must uses more time to interview the applicants and observe for the body language too. The interview panel shall concentrate on the personal attitude, behaviours, special skill such as the linguistics, communication and experience. It shall be stressed on general qualification like graduation, knowledge and their ability by using open-end question and give an opportunity for the applicants to talk about their previous job. The applicant s’ biography should be reviewed together with the depth interview.

The interviewee should demonstrate the personal characteristic about the service mind and humanity skill. [Pat6] When we seek for the driver, it’s necessary to ask for the licence. Helen must review the applicant’s resume to determine more information need.

Suggest ways in which the company’s web site could be made more attractive   to potential employees.


During the assess to Dutiful Daughter’s homepage, there would be potential to improve her website to attract the prospects employees like to change the website’s colour theme, adding more pictures, insert more detail and information about work, using interactive items which can help the applicants to apply or registers.

       The webpage of Dutiful Daughters was designed in the blue tone which is simple and normal. [Pat7] More colours must be added to this website such as use multi-colour or build the background with the different colour tone in each menus/tabs.

That is the same with the text’s colour and their fonts which should be arranged too.

The theme with earth tone colour is more attractive than the old one.

The pictures maybe more important than many words because it was clearly show something could not explain. If she posted more photos i.e. activities, customers with smiles, some staffs or people and places into her website, the potential employees can observed and review the job duties and understand the business including staffs and job location or map.

She should apply more details about her business like the company’s profile, awards which earn, working condition or situation.

An interactive item like an application forms can download form her website including web board or web blog which the applicants can ask or seek for the information.

The AIDA technique (Parkes,1995) should be applied to her website. An AIDA technique contains Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

Attention – descriptive title is important to getting attention, the information about carer job should be cleared on the first paragraph.

Interest – the details should be contain in one or two paragraphs and easy to read, logical style

Desires – Offering much incentives, more security, or greater benefit to caught the employees and create interest.

Action – add the form for candidate to write their to telephone, and give the name to contract direct.

 [Pat1]Rewrite to sound better, don’t use shall
[Pat2]This strategic planning is the most important function and needs to include a mission statement which Helen has to communicate to all her carers
[Pat3]Show Helen’s opportunities in the beginning of the answer 1.
[Pat4]This is not correct. Also put in some job spec such as age and education
[Pat5]Be careful of your English writing throughout, have some one edit for you.
[Pat6]What is this?
[Pat7]Better to show the DD page and then make suggestions for improvement.

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