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By taking fitness again this term, I feel that I have accomplished my goals that I set for myself and have gotten into a great routine I could try everyday over the summer. Now experienced exercising on mostly all the cardio machines, I am able to effortlessly exercise through a workout for thirty minutes or more. For a specific goal this semester, I have wanted to succeed on levels 5-10, and I have actually reached level 10 on many occasions. Level 10 is still obviously a challenge for me, but this just pushes me to continue.

In time, I might even reach higher levels than this and I will strive to do so. Another goal of mine was to lose a few pounds by the time I finished this class. I believe this is a check off my list because whenever I workout now, I hardly feel any soreness on even some of the highest levels. I knew if I worked at this for an extended period of time, it would pay off and the results would be the way I wanted them. Lastly, my next goal was to get my legs into shape for when I play tennis in the summer. I want to have every part of my body in good form to succeed and build up more even more muscle in my calves.Mid-way through my progression in the second semester I got tested on how well I was working to attain my fitness goals.

Once indoors, working on the Arc Trainer and another time, jogging outside on the track. The heart monitor proved to see if I was working out to my maximum potential and the goal for everyone was to reach a target heart rate zone from 142-162. Outdoors, I felt like it was a little tough to achieve a decent heart rate, but my average was 152 bpm. Also, my maximum heart rate was 185 and I accomplished this by steadily running at a faster speed.Both times getting tested were surprisingly not too difficult, but was definitely a challenge at one point. By doing this, I correctly positioned a strap tightly around the upper part of my body and secured the heart rate watch around my wrist. While working out these two times, I needed to have the watch in close distance to my body at all times, so I could receive an accurate heart rate.

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Done trying mostly all of the cardio machines, I would say my favorite is the Arch Trainer because it really gets my legs and the rest of my body moving.The Arch Trainer enables me to experiment with different levels and adjusting until I acquire the proper one that I am comfortable with. On the same note, I sense my progression in overall fitness and wellness has enhanced a lot. First getting back into the swing of things in the beginning of the semester was a bit hard, but I managed to continue where I left off from the pervious term. Nevertheless, as time went on, I was still capable of increasing my level at a steady pace. Plus, at the same time my calories that I burned increased to higher numbers and I felt amazing afterwards.I believe I should continue working out.

Exercising is immense when it comes to improving and extending good health and life p. Also, a healthy and proper diet is essential to this progression. Working out increases your heart rate and leads to making your heart stronger as a whole. As well, your muscles in every part of your body become strengthened while doing so. Eating right and constantly working out, means becoming a healthier you and doing things you might not have been capable of doing before. I now appreciate these cardio machines and have a feel for which are best for me.Each day I try and workout to my greatest ability, no matter what program or level.

When I look back on my cardio progress chart, I see what I have accomplished according to my goals that I set for myself in the beginning. I see exactly which machines I liked best, how varied the levels were on each day, the distance I went, and from that the calories I burned. I have definitely learned quite a lot when it comes to getting your body into proper condition. This fitness class taught me what it is like to be in shape and acquire the workouts I need to continue daily.

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