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Canada’s Economic Production

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Canada is among the leading countries in economic production.  Since its industrialization, much has been achieved from the economic sector especially through manufacturing industries.  Butter fat, Sugars and alcohol could not complete diet until when some foods in Ball Park of 100grams of fat per 750ml bottle, cream liqueur was introduced in the market.  The cream liqueur industries sales in seasons where by the peak is around October, November and December holidays which are the perfect holiday treat- permitted during the gluttony of the season.

These sale seasons are cut back after New Year resolution kicks in (Bender & Bender, 1995). Yet even in a climate of health conscious consumerism, cream liqueur sales continues to hold their own. In terms of market growth per year, the liqueur distributing brand reports a 1.7 per cent increment in its sales as compared with the previous 12 months, while  connect logistics in Alberta reports a  0.9 per cent increase for the same period.

In some parts like Alberta, the figures are deceptive however, not included in the statistics but can be roughly half of cream liqueurs that benefits from a lower tax rate by being classified in the category with alcohol lender 17 percent.  This category division exists only in Alberta whose flagship cream liqueur lowered its alcohol content in order to distribute within the province.  Research shows that while the average consumer will not be able to detect the decreased alcohol, the price differential will be noticed.

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Canada has been unique in labeling restrictions which require liqueurs to have a minimum of 22 per cent alcohol.  This has in turn improved their sales both in quality and quantity.  It also implies that most cream liqueurs are actually classified as liquors in Great White, North.  In terms of sales this Canadian company maximizes its sales through selling predominantly on quality basis unlike other companies which attract customers through bargain of prices.

This is why the industries continue to grow despite an influx of new products within the category.  The cream liqueur company has widely diversified its production because about 61 cream liqueurs products are in the market. Within the category, however, many agents agree Irish creams have the most staying power, while flavored cream come and go. Their products have fetched market even with international countries which is evident by Highwood distilleries whose sales of flavored creams have been dismissal and Highwood will be discontinuing their maple and chocolate Rose creams.

Similarly, mountain crest is phrasing out its just deserts and fruits cream lines.  On the other hand, category leaders of cream liqueurs continue to have a strong presence in the market. Some other products like true Irish creams are made from Irish Whisky where the term often refers to any whisky based cream liqueur like Kemper’s Bavarian Cream made in Germany.

Baileys original Irish Cream is still leading the park as number one selling brand in the world.  Launched in Dublin in 1974, Bailey was the very first commercially produced cream liqueur. Corolans Irish Cream Liqueur is ranked as the second best selling Irish Cream liqueur, both globally as well as in Western Canada.  Carolans is known for its honey taste and boosts lower price than its leading competitor. Amarula Cream, selling within the top four cream liqueurs in both Alberta and British Columbia, South Africa reported international volume growth of 12.7% in 2004.  This distell, is recognized for its environmental policies including elephant conservation initiatives (Bender & Bender 1995).


Bender D and Bender A, (1995). A  Dictionary of Food and Nutrition. Oxford, New York.


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