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Business Analysis I-JDK company

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Mr. Alan need to understand two aspects of change needed: the scope and the nature of change. The model of Johnson and Schools will help to understand type of change needed Scope: minor or fundamental Nature: gradual or sudden Naturescope Minor Fundamental Gradual Adaptation Evolution Sudden Reconstruction Revolution Also Mr.. Alan need to understand factors that should be considered while implementing. Model Balloon and Hope give clues what factors should be considered: From the point of view of ASS partners

Time - how much time ASS has implement changes

Capability - do Mr.Alan(or other senior manager) has experience on implementing changes

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Power- Mr. Alan is senior partner , I assume he has enough power

Capacity - if extra resources needed (extra room space for training, external trainers to hire) do ASS has Factors related to graduate trainees

Readiness - do trainees are ready to accept changes (I assume they do, because they are unhappy)

Preservation - may be there are some parts of current training polish should be retained

Scope- how many trainees will be affected

Diversity - I assume that graduate trainees all have similar culture and interests.

Conclusion: to implement change in training policy successfully Mr.Alan need to understand scope, nature of change needed and its necessary to answer all questions above (Balloon and Hope ) before to start to implement changes.

B/ After understanding of all factors related to change between senior partners they need action plan to go ahead. For ASS can be recommended Model of Lenin 3 step process:

Unfreeze: Partners of ASS are discussing the change needed. Its important hat should be accepted on that stage that change is needed.

On this step key players: partners need to prepare company to be ready for change. Keep informed group: trainees should be informed that some changes in training policy will be implemented. Also it is possible engage trainees in decision making - may be some type AT quadrennials - want teeny would Like to change In current process. change - implement new policy Refreeze-announce new policy, say, on web site, to make it difficult to go back. IQ .

A. ' Bluesy Analysis Ltd (BAS) is operating as subsidiary company of I-JDK. It have numerous problems, such as:

- More competitors .

Before BAS had few competitors , now data is possible to buy from variety of sources, its why sales revenue slightly fallen- I-JDK charge BAS adman costs of lead to the fact that administration costs doubled in 2012

- Less contracts because of bureaucracy in I-JDK (formal contract vetting) caused to v the fact that value of contracts almost 2 times fallen

- Lack of cooperation between analysts, and scientists not closely participated negotiations of changes with clients caused to percentage of contracts over budget or late increased n

- Unhappy clients of BAS - less contracts, less revenue (lead to less profit)

b/ There are cultural differences between Bluesy and LIDS, I'll use Hands model to explain cultural differences. BAS has only 90 employees, has an informal style and research-centered culture where scientists are working independently on their own projects.

Non operational roles taken by 5 shareholders, who believe such operations are not important. Its looks like BAS have no any procedures. The average value of contract in 2012: I-JDK 90'000 This is example of Person culture under Hands model f types of culture. I-JDK employ 3000 people, half of them are on non-operational roles. I-JDK has formal systems and procedures. They deal with multi-million pound contracts. This is example of Role culture under Hands model of types of culture. This type of culture good for stable environment. 'I/ I-JDK might minimize the conflict which may arise from cultural differences, I'll use Johnson model of change management to explain how management may minimize the conflict.

I-JDK could negotiate with BAS shareholders over approaches of hanger and educate them explaining them why BAS meets problems. During change will take place management of I-JDK should support shareholders and scientists of BAS couching them . Main project management factors that could cause of projects to fail. Initial screening if BAS will not look detailed: -on potential costs of the project: project will generate loss -affected stakeholders- clients will be unhappy (customers will not come back again) -objective of project - not concentrate on tasks will lead to failure Risk assessment There are always risks associated with any project. Time, Scope, Quality and Budget should be considered. The impact and possibility to occur should be analyses.

The failure of any constrains(above) can lead to customer unsatisfactory, loses, bad reputation, penalties Business case this will help BAS to choose on the most appropriate (profitable) projects to be able to concentrate on the meeting their objectives. Project plan if BAS will not plan properly project it is going to take the work on the project will be chaotic. The project have to have formalized: purpose scope, ten project manager, project team structure, last AT meanness Project elections- BAS at any moment of the project should understand there they are to resolve critical situations (lack of time, carried quality). Post implementation review this allows members of BAS learn from previous projects. If they will not do so they'll make the same mistakes again and again.

Q. A/ C pal is considering to acquire K pal. This is strategic choice.

I'll use Model of Johnson and Schools: SFA test strategic factors to be considered: Suitable: does acquisition will build strengths, reduce weaknesses, exploit opportunities, reduce treats? Will it give competitive advantage to C pal (K has not reduce development recently)? Feasible: do C pal has enough funds to acquire? Do managers of C pal have enough experience? Significant staff redundancy needed- do C pal have funds for that, experienced legal personnel. Acceptable: will stakeholders of C pal accept not very good reputation of K pal. Do shareholders of K pal are ready to sell their company? Do shareholders of C pal will agree with declining share price that will take place after acquisition?

If staff of K pal are members of trade union, will this union accept such significant redundancies.

C/ I/C pal have to consider various strategic factors if it proceeds with the acquisition. The model PESTLE can help to identify those factors.

Technological- technology in manufacturing products can change rapidly- do managers of C pal are ready for that have enough knowledge?

Legal- government can increase penalties for pollution

Political- Social- what is average age of citizens that are living in local area, do C will have enough workforce in recent years?

Economic- in what stage the economy now? Will C have enough market size to sell their product, will customers afford to buy chemical products?

Business Analysis I-JDK company essay

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